Tito & Zenaide Scaramucci
Written and Contributed by: B.O. Roop

Tito Scaramucci was born March 31, 1881 at Fabriano, Italy. He was 21 years of age when he came to Ellis Island, New York aboard the S.S. Patricia May 8, 1902. He worked in the Iron Mines in Crystal Falls, Michigan for 2 years. He then moved to Krebs, Haileyville and Hartshorne area and appears among the mining records of the Choctaw Nation at No. 4 Mine at Haileyville in 1904, he was 23 years of age. The Choctaws required the mining company to pay a $5.00 permit fee for each miner. He continued working at this mine and was awarded a "Fire Boss Certificate" at Krebs 16 July 1908.

He returned to Fabriano, Italy in 1909 and married Zenaide Massi June 29, 1910 near Fabriano. She was born 22 July 1892. They returned to the United States November 27, 1910 aboard the S.S. Niagara; and rejoined his friends at the No. 4 Mine at Haileyville, Oklahoma. Tito Scaramucci and wife Zenaide then signed a "Declaration of Intent" to become Citizens of the United States, at the Pittsburgh County Courthouse in McAlester, Oklahoma. Children:

Domernic Scaramucci born 12 December 1911
Tullio (Tony) Scaramucci born 30 August 1913
Rosa Scaramucci born 23 May 1919

Tito Scaramucci became a U.S. Citizen....Citizenship Petition #278 July 9. 1936 No.3943082.

Zenaide Scaramucci became a U.S. Citizen....Petition #503 No.504807 August 12, 1941. Zenaide Died in surgery at St. Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City September 21, 1953.

Tito Scaramucci then moved to Fayetteville, Ar to live with his daughter Rosa Roop and her family December 26, 1953 and where he lived 12 years. Tito Scaramucci died 20 November 1968 at the Billingsley Nursing Home in Heavener, Okla.

Domer Scaramucci graduated from the Engineering School at the University of Oklahoma. Among his 125 Patents was an altogether new concept of a "ball type" shut off valve. To control quality he wanted to do this valve in his own shop; and because it was a ball valve he named his business Balon Mfg. Co. Repeat orders from the Oil and Gas Industry vouch for the quality of Domers idea. Domer Scaramucci Died 13 December 1995.

Tullio "Tony" Scaramucci served in the U.S. Army in WW II. He organized the Driver Examining Department for the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety and as Chief Examiner wrote the Oklahoma Driver Training Manual. Tony Scaramucci Died 28 March 1995.

Rosa Scaramucci graduated from the University of Oklahoma Art school in 1943. Married B. O. "Bo" Roop June 8, 1944 in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. They had been classmates in the Heavener Schools since the 3rd grade and shared 65 years of marriage. Rosa died December 10, 2009.

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