Thursday, September 21, 1967
Spotlight On...

Mrs. Vida Van Tine who is presently employed as County Office Clerk for Farmers Home Administration under Curtis Lemons, has recently won two Incentive Awards, one a cash award and one a commendation award. These were for suggestions she submitted to the FHA in Washington and used by them. There is also another award pending. Mrs. Van Tine has been in Government work for approximately 25 years. Before coming to Waldron 3 years ago she worked in Piggott. She has one daughter, Mrs. Louise Pittack, who lives in Washington, D.C. and works for The Postmaster General there. Vida is a member of the Business and Professional Womens Club and active in other phases of community affairs. Her hobby is collecting and refinishing antiques. She also works at the Scott County Livestock Barn on Saturdays.

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