Waldron News
4 March 1976
The Scott County Bicentennial Committee Salutes:
W.H. "Will" Crutchfield

W.H. "Will" Crutchfield was born January 3, 1856, in Marion County, North Carolina. His family moved to Tennessee when he was eighteen months old. At the age of fifteen, his family moved to Arkansas, settling on Poteau River seven miles west of Waldron, now called Winfield. The Crutchfields, the Thomases and the Gentrys all came to Arkansas together. Mr. Crutchfield married Rebecca Thomas in 1878 and they had twelve children, ten of whom lived to be adults. After Mrs. Crutchfield's death, Mr. Crutchfield married Mollie Faulkner of Parks. They had one son who died in infancy. Mr. Crutchfield had various occupations during his lifetime. He was first a farmer, then a rancher. He also had a cotton gin, a shingle mill, a grist mill, and general store at Winfield and a sawmill in another part of the county. Mr. Crutchfield moved to Waldron in the early 1920's and operated a general merchandise store with his son Lee Crutchfield. The depression forced them to close the business and Mr. Crutchfield bought the Crosby Bros. Restaurant. His son Isom Crutchfield entered the business with him in 1925 and continued it for some time. A short time before his death, Mr. Crutchfield in 1929 retired. He died at the age of 73 years. Five of his children are still living. They are Mrs. Hattie Denton of Waldron, Mrs. Frank Dunn of Heavener, Mrs. Ora Mize of Earlsboro, Okla., Albert Crutchfield, Heavener, and Isom Crutchfield of Waldron. A salute to the Crutchfields. Happy Birthday U.S.A.

Note: Photo is reproduced from the newspaper and not the best quality.

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