From a special edition of the Scott County Advertiser newspaper of 3 April 1991, entitled "A Salute to Scott County Citizens 90 Years and Over." The interviews were done as part of a celebration of the Bank of Waldron's 90th anniversary.


William O. Stacy was born in Indian Territory, later Oklahoma, October 8, 1899, to W.F. and Emma Stacy. He and his wife Jamie, who lives in Mansfield, had four children: James Stacy of Cheyenne, Wyoming, Lee Harold Stacy (deceased), Hilda Germick (deceased) and Pat Vensusen, of Denver. The Stacys lived in California for 36 years where he worked in a Borax plant. They returned to Arkansas in 1977, where they attended the Church of the Nazarene. He entered Pinewood in November of 1990.

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