The same cousin that owns the wedding photo of Fount Blackwell and Roxie Annie Green owns this original also. This is Fount Blackwell's parents, John Hamilton Blackwell and Sarah Elizabeth Ward Blackwell. Not sure what year it was taken though, the family thinks it was taken around the same year that Fount and Roxie Annie got married and maybe at the same time.

JOHN HAMILTON "DICK"5 BLACKWELL (ANTHONY4, JOHN HAMILTON3, JOHN C.2, JOHN ELDER1) was born October 23, 1851 in Boles, Scott County, Arkansas, and died August 17, 1916 in Boles, Scott County, Arkansas. He married (1) AILSEY ELIZABETH ROSE 1868, daughter of JAMES ROSE and EMILY BUCHANNA. She was born 1848 in Forsythe County, Georgia, and died 1881 in Scott Co., Arkansas. He married (2) SARAH ELIZABETH WARD August 10, 1882 in Scott County, Arkansas, daughter of WILLIAM WARD and SARAH MEYERS. She was born February 23, 1861 in Tennessee, and died March 17, 1951 in Boles, Arkansas.

1. JAMES A.6 BLACKWELL, b. Abt. 1869, Boles, Scott Co., Arkansas.
2. JOHN F. BLACKWELL, b. August 28, 1871, Boles, Scott Co., Arkansas; d. April 03, 1939, Boles, Scott Co., Arkansas; m. MARTHA EVALYNE HOUSE, August 07, 1892, Scott County, Arkansas; b. October 07, 1875, Iowa; d. May 06, 1952, Boles, Scott Co., Arkansas.
3. STARLIN BLACKWELL, b. February 27, 1873, Boles,Scott Co., Arkansas; d. November 30, 1953, Cedar Creek, Arkansas; m. MARTHA CAROLINE OWENS, December 16, 1894; b. November 20, 1872, Scott county, Arkansas; d. November 09, 1935, Scott Co., Arkansas.
4. JULIA ANN ELIZABETH BLACKWELL, b. September 25, 1874, Boles, Scott Co., Arkansas; m. LEWSI BENTON MITCHELL, October 30, 1892; b. November 04, 1869; d. April 16, 1943.
5. DAVID M. BLACKWELL, b. 1878, Boles, Scott Co., Arkansas.

Children of JOHN BLACKWELL and SARAH WARD are:
6. FOUNT STREETSTONE BLACKWELL, b. August 24, 1887, Boles,Scott County, Arkansas; d. May 24, 1964, Memphis, Hall County, Texas; m. ROXIE ANNIE GREEN, June 03, 1905, Boles, Scott County, Arkansas; b. February 16, 1888, Robison, Oklahoma; d. February 04, 1979, Claude, Armstrong Co., Texas.
7. IRA "IRIS" BLACKWELL, b. July 1890, Boles, Scott Co., Arkansas.
8. CERILLAR CORDILLA MAYBELL BLACKWELL, b. March 22, 1891, Boles, Scott Co., Arkansas; d. April 11, 1975, Schoolton, Oklahoma; m. JAMES JULIUS ALLEY, July 05, 1908, Boles, Scott County, Arkansas; b. October 12, 1880, Pike County, Kentucky; d. December 21, 1962, Schoolton, Oklahoma.
9. GENERAL GRANT BLACKWELL, b. October 09, 1893, Boles, Scott Co., Arkansas; d. December 1952, Phoenix, Arizona; m. JESSIE UNKNOWN; b. Abt. 1905, Arkansas.
10. THEODOSIA " DOSIE " L. BLACKWELL, b. April 1896, Boles, Scott Co., Arkansas; d. Wright City, Oklahoma; m. RUFUL PRESSLEY.

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