I am not sure what year this was taken, only that it was after September 1934 and before July 1947. My guess would be early 40's as Huey Lee was in the service during WWII. Bottom row is Roxie Annie Green Blackwell and Fount Streetstone Blackwell. The sons are, starting with the left side: son in Navy uniform is Huey Lee Blackwell, Lowell Duke Blackwell and son in hat is William Rube Blackwell (my line.) Daughters starting on left side: Daughter with cute hat on is Ollie Mary Blackwell, then Bertha Mae Blackwell and far right is Eunice Era Blackwell. The missing daughter is Anna Faye Blackwell. She passed away in 1934 from complications during child birth. She was only 15 years old. She was married to Ralph Sampler.

FOUNT STREETSTONE6 BLACKWELL (JOHN HAMILTON "DICK"5, ANTHONY4, JOHN HAMILTON3, JOHN C.2, JOHN ELDER1) was born August 24, 1887 in Boles, Scott County, Arkansas, and died May 24, 1964 in Memphis, Hall County, Texas. He married ROXIE ANNIE GREEN June 03, 1905 in Boles, Scott County, Arkansas, daughter of LAFAYETTE GREEN and MATILDA REDWINE. She was born February 16, 1888 in Robison, Oklahoma, and died February 04, 1979 in Claude, Armstrong Co., Texas.

1. BERTHA MAE BLACKWELL, b. June 11, 1907, Arkansas; d. November 04, 1975, Orange, California; m. (1) LEONARD FAYE KOONTZ, March 17, 1926, Hedley, Donley Co., Texas; b. April 08, 1907, Arkansas; d. October 30, 1971, Salinas, San Benito Co., California; m. (2) C.C. CLARK, Aft. 1971.
2. WILLIAM RUBE BLACKWELL, b. May 18, 1908, Boles, Scott County, Mill Creek Township, Arkansas; d. July 27, 1947, Amarillo, Potter County, Texas; m. LAURA (LURA) MAE JOHNSON, December 20, 1932, Lela Lake, Donley County, Texas; b. May 10, 1911, Nashville, Tennessee; d. March 15, 1984, Austin, Travis Co., Texas.
3. LOWELL DUKE BLACKWELL, b. September 30, 1911, Arkansas; d. December 10, 1981, Amarillo, Potter County, Texas; m. MYRTLE OPAL MCPHERSON, October 10, 1930, Hedley, Donley Co., Texas; b. April 23, 1913, Estancia, New Mexico; d. December 30, 1993, Amarillo, Potter County,Texas.
4. EUNICE ERA BLACKWELL, b. February 27, 1914, Mena, Scott County, Arkansas; d. February 23, 2000, Amarillo, Potter County, Texas; m. CHARLIE ALLEN JOHNSON, November 14, 1931, Hollis, Harmon County, Oklahoma; b. February 10, 1910, Oklahoma; d. March 25, 1987, White Deer, Carson County, Texas.
5. OLLIE MARY BLACKWELL, b. April 07, 1917, Boles, Scott Co.,Arkansas; m. HERSCHEL ALTON MALONE, October 14, 1933, Memphis, Hall Co., Texas; b. October 14, 1911, Lake Creek, Texas; d. December 26, 1987, White Deer, Carson Co., Texas.
6. ANNA FAYE BLACKWELL, b. February 16, 1919, Arkansas; d. September 23, 1934, Hedley, Donley County, Texas; m. RALPH SAMPLER, December 17, 1933, Mcknight, Donley Co., Texas; b. 1914.
7. HUEY LEE BLACKWELL, b. March 19, 1924, Healdton, Oklahoma; d. October 12, 1995, Amarillo, Potter County, Texas; m. ELSIE LAVERNE MARSHALL, December 20, 1946, Memphis, Hall County, Texas; b. May 24, 1923, Hamlin, Fisher County, Texas.

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