Scott County Arkansas
Civil War Pension Application
Transcribed & Contributed by Delaine Edwards

Scott County
Co. "K", 21st Reg't.
Miss. Vols.
Soldier's Application
for Pension
Robert Bottoms
Filed June 24, 1891
T.M. Duncan, Clerk
Wound in right arm
causing stiffness of
right hand and fingers
Filed June 24, 1891
T.M. Duncan, Clerk
Filed Oct 30, 1891
W.S. Dunlop, Aud.
Examined & approved
Aug. 15th 1892 for $25.00
C.C. Havely[?] Gov.
W.S. Dunlop, Auditor
Amt. pension
increased to $30
H.B. Armisted
E.B. Kinsworthy
Atty. Gen

[Handwritten document - 2 pages]


State of Arkansas}
County of Scott}
On this day B.F. Ritter being first duly sworn with reference to application for pension of Robert Bottoms an Ex-Confederate soldier of Co. "K" of the 21st Reg't. of Miss. Vols. says: He has been personally acquainted with said soldier about 40 years. That before he entered into the service of the United States with the aforesaid Company he (soldier) was a sound able bodied man. That in the year 1864 I went to soldier's house and found him wounded in right arm and hand and unable to perform any labor whatever. He had been in this condition since the 29th day of June 1862 at which date he was wounded as before stated in said service. Affiant further states that said soldier has always been disabled from performing manual labor since receiving said injury and is now and that he is indigent. Affiant further states that his knowledge of the above facts is divined from long acquaintance and from often hearing soldier speak of his disabilities so received and having seen him in 1864 after he had returned home from the aforesaid service, and that he has no interest whatever in this case - and that his age is 76 years.
[Signed] B.F. (his X mark) Ritter
Sworn to and subscribed before me this Sept. 24, 1891
[Signed] Thomas M. Duncan
Clerk Circuit Court

State of Arkansas}
County of Scott}
Moses Killion and J.C. Shaw each being first duly sworn according to law with reference to the claim for pension of Robt. Bottoms, Ex Confederate soldier of Co. K, 21st Reg't. Miss. Vols. say: That they have each been well acquainted with said soldier since about the year 1873. That we have each heard the said soldier speak of having been wounded in right arm and hand in the aforesaid service. That the fingers of his right hand are stiff and during the whole time we have been acquainted with him he has been indigent and incpacitated from performing manual labor by reason of said disabilities. That we have no interest direct or indirect in this claim.
[Signed] Moses (his X mark) Killion
[Signed] J.C. (his X mark) Shaw
Sworn to and subscribed before me on this 24th day of September 1891.
[Signed] Thomas M. Duncan
Clerk Circuit Court


To the Honorable County Court of Scott County,
Sitting as a Pension Board:
The undersigned, as an ex-Confederate soldier, hereby applies for a pension under the provisions of an act of the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas, entitled "An Act for the Relief of Certain Soldiers of the late War between the States," approved April 1, 1891, upon the following grounds:
That he is a bona fide citizen of the State of Arkansas, and has resided within this State for more than twelve months next before the filing of this application;
That he enlisted as a soldier in the State of Mississippi during the war between the States in Company "K" of the 21st Regiment of Miss. Vols.
That while in the discharge of his duty as a soldier of said company and regiment in the service of the State of Arkansas, or of the Confederate States of American, he received a wound, for the effects of which he lost partially the use of his right hand, his fingers being stiff having been shot through the right arm about 4 inches above the wrist joint
That by reason of said wound and disability he is now indigent and incapacitated for manual labor;
That he is not receiving any aid from the State or from the United States, for such injuries, under any other statute, and that therefore he makes application for relief under the act aforesaid.
[Signed] Robert Bottoms
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 24th day of June 1891.
[Signed] Thomas M. Duncan

County of Scott}
Personally came before me J.M. Bird and G. Cox two credible witnesses, who make oath and say that they verily believe the applicant to be the identical person named in the application, and that the facts stated in the application are true.
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 24th day of June 1891.
[Signed] Thomas M. Duncan,
Clerk Circuit Court
Scott Co., Ark.

[Signed] J.M. Bird
[Signed] G. Cox

Office of Scott County Pension Board

State of Arkansas)
County of Scott)
We James M. Harvey, Judge of the County Court, and L.P. Fuller, Sheriff, and Thomas M. Duncan, County Clerk of Scott County, constituting the Pension Board of said County, by Act of the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas, approved April 1, 1891, entitled "An Act for the Relief of certain Soldiers of the Late War Between the States," do hereby certify to the Auditor of the State of Arkansas, that upon due examination of the application of Robert Bottoms filed under said Act, we find that said claim of said applicant is just and the same is hereby allowed, the application and proof taken in said case being herewith transmitted.

Given under our hands and the Seal of the County Court of Scott County, on this 22 day of Oct. 1891.
[Signed] J.M. Harvey, Judge Scott Co. Court
[Signed] L.P. Fuller, Sheriff Scott County
[Signed] Thomas M. Duncan, Clerk Scott County
Scott County Pension Board.

[Handwritten Letter - some punctuation added & spelling corrected for clarity]
June 30th/91
Union County
To Mr. Robt. Bottoms
Cardiff, Ark.
Dr. Bro. & esteemed Friend
Yours 15 inst. to hand, it was a welcome visitor, it found us all tolerable well. The health of the country is good at this time, we had a power of sickness & deaths last spring. As to crop prospects they are good at this time. There has been many changes since you left here. We have raised 13 children, 7 boys & 6 girls. The girls is all married & are living in this country & doing well except
[Page 2 of letter]
Mary Jane. She married Melvin Coker & went to Texas. She died the 6th day of this month. The boys is all living and making plenty. The 2 youngest is with us yet, 15 & 16 years old. Ann does her housework & cooking. I am blessed to be able to make a field hand yet. We make plenty & some to spare. Old man Billy Young left here just a little while ago. He said Margret was up but complaining. Eligah's family was well. They make plenty. Ann sends her love & respects to you & your children and says she has not forgot your kindness toward her during the War & the able council you give her is not forgotten.
[Page 3 of letter]
NB you inquired after the New Albany Grays & especially Capt. Renfrow. He lives at Atlanta, Georgia. He was at New Albany last spring on a visit. Sam Knox lives in New Albany. T. Roll Slone lives near Wallerville at the old Slown place. D.T. Meador at his old place. Several others live near New Albany. As to reference to prove you was a confederate soldier you can easily do that and easily prove you was a faithful one always at your post & never faltering and further more prove that you was a good citizen in time of peace and a faithful member
[Page 4 of letter]
of the Baptist Church & etc. So I will close for the present hoping you will excuse bad writing for I can't see well. I am in my 69 year & hope to feel & know I am spared to live. I would like to see you & talk with you once more. I don't know where William Bottom's children is. I will try & find out & let you know. Neither do I know Stanford's whereabouts. I think he lives up on Dry Creek in the old Duck settlement. They have all left our settlement. I am as ever yours in Bonds.
M.M. Shelton
To Robt. Bottoms

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