Pictured above is my great-grandmother, Lizzie Jane Brasher, and her son John. I have a document that says Lizzie's maiden name was Hall. She is listed on the 1900 Scott County census in the town of Waldron as:

Brasher, Lizzy		Hd	Jun 1856	43	Wid	5/5	AR VA VA
	Margan		S	Mar 1879	21	Sgl		AR AR AR
	Annie		D	Sep 1885	14			AR AR AR
	John		S	Sep 1892	 7			AR AR AR
	Jimmie		S	Aug 1894	 5			AR AR AR
	Lyda		D	Sep 1898	 1			AR AR AR
We believe the oldest son listed as "Margan" on the census above was Marion Brasher, who was hit and killed by a train at Waldron on January 21, 1906. The 1910 census lists the family in the town of Waldron:
Brasher, Jane		Hd	52	Sgl	5/4		AR US AR
John			S	18	Sgl			AR US AR
James			S	14				AR US AR
Lida			D	12				AR US AR
The daughter Annie had likely married; we haven't been able to locate a record of her marriage. I have a WWI draft registration for John Brasher, who never married and states he is unable to fight because he is supporting his mother. It says he is a cook and day laborer for Frank Bates. The 1920 census for the town of Waldron lists John Brasher at age 29 and single, employed as a restaurant cook. Also in his home is his mother Jane, a 62 year old widow. Pictured below is my grandmother, Lida Brasher Ashworth.

Pictured below is a four generation family photo, taken in 1971, of Matthew Swin Carpenter, born 10 October 1970 (adopted); Mary Susan Ashworth Carpenter, born 19 June 1946; Howard Hugh Ashworth, born 11 January 1919 and died 11 July 1991; and Lida Brasher Ashworth, born 20 September 1897 and died 7 December 1980.

I would love to hear from anyone who can help me learn more about this family.

Susan Ashworth Carpenter

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