Dear brother, I received your letter Friday evening, was glad to hear from you as I always am.

I will start for Madison County today. I saw a man yesterday who has just returned from there. He say it did not suit him but he is a doctor. He says if a man wants to get land and farm or raise stock that is just the place for him, but it was not a good place for A doctor.

I hope you will make a success of your chicken business, but I am afraid you are counting too many “before they hatch”. I have been studying that business myself for some time and according to the reports of all the correspondents of some of the papers I have been reading you will be lucky if you hatch 4000 with a 300 egg incubator in one year, much less raise that many. I hope however that you will make it pay.

I will write you again as soon as I get into Madison and look around a little and see what I can do. I haven’t time to write any more now, if I get this off this morning.

Your brother, W.H. Brown

Transcribed and submitted by Betsy Smith

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