Dear Brother, I received your letter yesterday, was sorry you are still having bad luck with your chickens, but I never heard of any one having any luck at it this time of year. An old hen canít raise chicks himself at this season.

I have got no work yet, but have some prospect of a school yet over in Logan County. I will get an answer about it tomorrow. If I donít get it or any thing else to do within a week I will be willing to go back there. I think myself that I could (do) more good with the chicks than Ham (brother Hamilton) is apt to especially when he has every thing else to do, and as you say it would be better than staying here and doing nothing and paying board. I will let you know whether I get that school or not as soon as I hear from them.

I did mean in my last letter that I wanted you to send me $20. Now although I do owe that much, but I only promised $10 by the first of the month and that was what I was wanting so bad, but if I donít get any work I will need it all before I leave.

I think if I canít do any better that cousin Jesse will wait on me for what I owe him until fall, if I pay him about $10 of it before I leave. Then it will take about $25 more for me to get home on if I go.

I think $35 will pay up all I will have to pay here at the present and bring me home. I have no more to write at present. Will write again as soon as I here from them fellows in Logan Co.

Your brother, W.H. Brown


Transcribed and submitted by Betsy Smith

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