Dear brother, You must not trouble yourself about getting up that money for me now. I have got a job now that I think I can make a living at if I keep my health as well as it has been most of the time since I have been here. I am going to work for a man feeding swine and yearling calves and mule colts and such like. He is one of the richest old buggers in the county. He is worth over a $100,000.00. Any way I am going to work for him tomorrow at his house and they say it will keep me busy all the time just to feed his stock. I won’t work long at this house though. Another young fellow and myself are going over in Logan County to run one of the old fellows river bottom farms.

Write soon, W.H. Brown

(This envelope is postmarked Feb.20, and the back postmark says Feb. 23 5:00 pm. The 5:00 pm train must have been an express!)

Transcribed and submitted by Betsy Smith

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