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In the late 1930's a Dr. Butler moved into the mountains between Blackfork, Arkansas and Page, Oklahoma in Leflore County; it was west of Blackfork, Arkansas and Blackfork River was mentioned often. He seemed to be real well thought of, there seemed to be a lot of traffic south across Walker Mountain. The Heavener Ledger had numerous articles. The Forest Service was also tending their road, the Walker Mountain Road junction 2 miles east of Hontubby became the best way to go to Haw Creek and Blackfork, Arkansas and, with this increase in traffic the State paved the road down the Oklahoma State Line. This road was one mile from Blackfork, Arkansas and passed about the same distance from the Haw Creek area. This made it easier for those on the west side of Scott County to travel.

I have thought that Dr. Butler's influence with the Forest Service and the Leflore County Commissioners got the road improved and the "big winners" were the local people on both sides of the State Line. This was real nice for access to the area and probably the reason many teachers came from Heavener.

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