Scott County, Arkansas

Going South on Main Street in Waldron, turn left at stoplight on East 6th Street (Highway 80.) Less than a mile, turn right on Cherry Street, then left on Chaco. Go right at the “Y”, turn right on Lely. Go to the end of the street and pull onto the grass, turn right a few yards to the cemetery. This cemetery is said to have been originally the Hinds/Hines family cemetery. It is located in a residential neighborhood in the town of Waldron and is very well cared for. The large tombstone in the photo above is that of Thompson G. Bates. The following tombstones were photographed on 3 May 2008 by Bob, Delaine and David Edwards. If you wish a copy of the photo of any of these stones, please contact Delaine Edwards and it will be sent to you via email. Please put "Bates Cemetery" as the subject of your message.

Bates, Cora E., 18 Sep 1871-3 Jan 1872, d/o T.G. & E.
Bates, Edna, 26 Dec 1881-14 Sep 1882, d/o T.G. & E.
Bates, Ethel S., 1884-1958, Dbl/w Gregg C.
Bates, Gregg C., 1883-1951, Dbl/w Ethel S.
Bates, Gregory, 15 Mar 1908-25 Aug 1918, s/o Greg & Ethel
Bates, Laura A., 9 Mar 1870-15 Sep 1872, d/o T.G. & E.
Bates, Mary J., 2 Jan 1869-30 Aug 1876, d/o T.G. & E.
Bates, Mira Cole, 11 Feb 1847-13 May 1924, w/o Thompson G.
Bates, R.C., 18 May 1878-6 May 1887, s/o T.G. & E.
Bates, Tabitha, 14 Feb 1848-26 Dec 1929, “Mother”
Bates, Thomas Ella, 8 Oct 1872-25 Jan 1874, d/o T.G. & E.
Bates, Thompson G., 28 Dec 1843-18 Jul 1909
Rice, P.H., died 11 Jul 1878, aged 38ys 5ms 5 ds (Inscription almost illegible)
Sanford, A. Aritross?, 1886-(death date illegible), s/o A.A. & M.E.
Sanford, Mollie E., 28 Nov 1858-8 Jun 1889, w/o Dr. A.A.
Stone, Sarah L., 6 Feb 1811-14 Jul 1875, w/o William


The six small stones of children of T.G. & E. Bates were enclosed in a small area with an old iron fence. They were facing the fence and difficult to get a good photo of some of them.

One old stone is broken and all the information missing except the top edge of the letters of a first name. We were unable to determine what this name was. This stone is in the same area with the Sanford and Rice stones. It was photographed, but is not listed above.

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