Scott County, Arkansas

Go south from Waldron on U.S. Highway 71. Just past Needmore, turn left on State Highway 28 East, approximately 5 miles to the Parks community. The cemetery is located about a quarter mile past Parks in a field on the right side of the road and is difficult to see if you don't know it's there. This cemetery was surveyed and digitally photographed 8 April 2006 by Bob, Delaine and David Edwards. If you would like a copy of the photograph of your ancestor's tombstone, please contact Delaine Edwards and it will be sent via E-mail. Please put "Byram Cemetery Photo" as the subject of your message.

Allen, Almer, 18 Jun 1907 - 3 Dec 1907, D/o W.A. & S.A. Allen, Tri/w America & Ellie Allen
Allen, America, 20 Jan 1897 - 24 May 1907, D/o W.A. & S.A. Allen, Tri/w Ellie & Almer Allen
Allen, Ellie, 5 Feb 1909 - 19 Nov 1911, S/o W.A. & S.A. Allen, Tri/w Almer & America Allen
Allen, Sally Ann, 4 Nov 1878 - 10 Aug 1924, "Mother"
Allen, William Andrew, 20 Jul 1878 - 26 Feb 1942, "Father"
Lewis, J.M., 1858 - 1945, "Uncle John"
Harrell, Eda Mae, 12 Feb 1917 - 16 Feb 1918, D/o F.G. & Bess Harrell
Harrell, Robbie, 12 Feb 1919 - 5 Jul 1920, D/o F.G. & Bess Harrell
Maxey, Infant, 12 Feb 1909 - 15 Feb 1909, S/o I.J. & O.M. Maxey (Stone is off its base)

There is a chainlink fence around the cemetery but one side of the fence has fallen down. The grave of J.M. Lewis and several graves marked with fieldstones are outside the fenced area. The stone of the infant Maxey was also found outside the fence.

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