Scott County, Arkansas

From Waldron go south on Highway 71 to Highway 248 West. Turn right and go approximately 19 miles (Highway 248 West will become Jones Creek Road.) Turn left on Lower Haw Creek Road and go about 4 miles, keeping to the right when the road forks. The cemetery is on the left. Surveyed and digital photographs taken 14 August 2004 by Delaine, Bob and David Edwards. Revisited and updated 18 February 2017. If you would like a copy of the photograph of your ancestor's tombstone, please contact Delaine Edwards and it will be sent via E-mail. Please put "Haw Creek Cemetery Photo" as the subject of your message.

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Abbreviations Used:
D/o=Daughter of
Dbl/w=Double stone with
FHM=Funeral Home Marker
H/o=Husband of
Inf/o=Infant of
S/o=Son of
W/o=Wife of
WWI=World War I
WWII=World War II

Barrick, Esther Odella, 20 Jun 1868-14 Jul 1934, "Mother"
Barrick, W.M., 17 Dec 1861-22 Jun 1928, "Father"
Caler, Tiny, 1846-1927, "Beloved wife of Tom"
Caler, Tom, 1848-1922, "Civil War Vet"
Cline, Dexter B., 12 Sep 1904-11 Aug 1905, S/o J.M. & M.J.
Cline, Kitty, 1 Dec 1905-19 Jul 1906, D/o J.M. & M.J.
Cline, Martha J., 16 Jan 1864-16 Oct 1938
Coy, Bernice, 20 Mar 1926-16 Jun 1928, "Sister" (Handmade Cement Stone)
Davis, Mary Frizzell, 3 Apr 1912-23 Sep 1928, "And Infant Daughter"
DHart, Elmer, 3 Sep 1889-6 Jan 1910, Masonic Emblem
Frizzell, Birtie Henry, 26 Aug 1894-15 Oct 1897
Frizzell, Frozey, Mrs., 16 May 1877-12 Oct 1899
Frizzell, H.H., 11 Mar 1870-17 Jan 1926
Frizzell, Henry, 11 Dec 1901-27 Jun 1929, "Son"
Frizzell, Henry Franklin, 10 Aug 1898-29 Jan 1906
Frizzell, Mary M., 2 Sep 1878-22 Sep 1929, "Mother"
Frizzell, Woodrow Washington, 12 Nov 1918-21 Nov 1918
Hairrell, Denie Dell, 6 Sep 1901-23 Dec 1901, D/o J.C. & M.L.
Hairrell, Martha Ellen, 1 Jan 1880-2 May 1923, "Mother"
Hairrell, Mary, 1853-1895, "Mother"
Hairrell, Mennie, 2 Jul 1911-2 Aug 1911, Inf/o Joe
Hairrell, Minnie, 23 Feb 1882-3 Jul 1911
Hairrell, Robert Early, 31 Jul 1916-26 Mar 1931, "Brother"
Hairrell, Robert Lee, 2 Jul 1872-25 Dec 1959, "Father"
Hairrell, William, 1849-1916, "Father"
Harris, Berdie, 23 Jun 1890-(Death date illegible), FHM (No Photograph-Nearly Illegible)
Hicks, Allie P., 7 Feb 1896-21 Dec 1916, W/o W.R.
Hill, C.C., Rev., 16 Jul 1882-23 Sep 1950 (Handmade Cement Stone)
Hill, Herman Lee, 6 Mar 1918-29 Sep 2000, Dbl/w Julia Ann, "Father"
Hill, Jeffery Dale, 14 May 1967, Only Date
Hill, Julia Ann, 18 May 1924-24 Feb 2007, Dbl/w Herman Lee, "Mother"
Hill, Maggie, 23 Feb 1891-6 May 1961, "Forever In Our Hearts" *See Notes
Justus, Bertha, 12 Dec 1902-26 Aug 1909 (Hand Inscribed on a fieldstone)
Miller, David A., 24 Sep 1867-4 Jun 1933
Miller, David Amos, 21 Mar 1936-17 Jan 1967, "Our Son"
Miller, Donald Lee, 16 Oct 1943-9 Dec 1947, "Our Son"
Miller, John Jacob, 8 Mar 1898-10 Mar 1989, "Father"
Miller, Louisa Sara Ann Logan, 7 Jun 1872-27 Oct 1966, "Mother"
Miller, Sam T., 1 Oct 1901-5 Sep 1978, Pvt US Army WWII (Military Marker)
Odum, Jake, 17 Feb 1888-14 Jul 1962, Arkansas Pvt Base Hospital WWI (Military Marker)
Odum, W.J., 14 Feb 1844-14 Jul 1924 (Hand Inscribed on a fieldstone) *See Notes
Park, Charles, 8 Jul 1936-18 Nov 1980, FHM (No photograph-Nearly Illegible)
Phillips, J.M., 8 Jul 1832-22 Jun 1904, Masonic Emblem
Reece, John, No Dates
Reece, Mamie, No Dates
Reece, Sarah Viola, No Dates
Ross, Benjamin F., 30 Sep 1830-27 Dec 1914, H/o Sarah R.
Smith, Everett G., 31 Jan 1892-23 Dec 1911, Dbl/w John N., "Son"
Smith, John N., 25 Nov 1867-29 Dec 1915, Dbl/w Everett G., "Father"
Sturgeon, Melinda, Jul 1865-About 1905, D/o Jacob Wiles
Sturgeon, Miney, No Dates (Hand Inscribed on a fieldstone)
Wiles, George W., 1792-1880, Pvt Capt Richard Moore’s MO Mtd Militia War of 1812 (Military Marker)
Wiles, James A., 7 Jan 1886-3 Jun 1906
Wiles, Mary E., 4 May 1844-26 Sep 1916, W/o E.

Harper, Thomas Burton, 17 Nov 1842-10 Sep 1897, a Union Civil War veteran, is believed to be buried here in an unmarked grave. Information from Judy Harper

Hammonds, Virginia Cline, daughter of John Cline, is buried west of the Barrick graves.
Hill, Julia Odom, b.1891, d. about 1923 in childbirth along with twin babies who were buried with her. She was the first wife of Rev. Charles Calvin Hill, and is buried beside him in an unmarked grave. She was the daughter of William Odom, Sr. Her family says she also had another set of twins born about 1915-1917 who died and are also buried here, toward the front of the cemetery, their graves marked only by fieldstones.
Hill, Margaret "Maggie" DeHart also has a stone on which the only legible information is her date of death. She was the second wife of Rev. Charles Calvin Hill.
Information from Pat Powell.

Miller, Lea, Died: 27 Oct 1966, Aged 94 years is listed on a 1993 survey. We did not find this stone.

Odum, W.J.: Date of death is illegible on the stone; date is from a newspaper item mentioning his death.

We found one Funeral Home Marker that is completely illegible and one stone that had been inscribed with paint that is now completely illegible.


A deed dated 25 January 1913 from David Warren Huckaby sets aside two acres for the Haw Creek School District #52. Signed by David Warren Huckaby and his wife (Sarah) Frances Huckaby, the deed states the land will be for a school, church and cemetery. This information from Pat (Hill) Powell, who would like to hear from any descendants of David Warren and Sarah Frances (Wiles) Huckaby.

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