Scott County, Arkansas

Also known as Neal Cemetery. Located next to the old Liberty Post Office site. This cemetery is small but well-kept within a chain link fence. Last known burial appears to have been 1957. Location: Take Highway 248 east of Waldron approximately 4 to 5 miles and turn left (north) on Langston road. Go about 1/2 to 1 mile. Cemetery is on the right side and very close to the road. Southeast quarter of the southeast quarter - Section 12, Twp 3 North - Range 29 West. Canvassed and tombstones digitally photographed March 7, 2004 by Carolyn Hanna. Thanks to Lorene Davis for her help. If you would like a copy of the photograph of your ancestor's tombstone, please contact Delaine Edwards and it will be sent via E-mail. Please put "Liberty Cemetery Photo" as the subject of your message.

Row #1:
Two unmarked graves marked with fieldstones.
Neal, A.V., 5 May 1839 - 30 Mar 1915, "Father"
Four (approx) unmarked graves marked with fieldstones.

Between Rows 1 and 2 are what appears to be three unmarked graves.

Row #2:
Bull, John Arthur, 1884 - 1955, "Father"
Four unmarked graves with fieldstones.

Row #3:
Lynch, Henry H., 27 July 1873 - 9 Jan 1957
Lynch, Isabelle Neal, 1873 - 1940
Bull, Clara Elizabeth, 22 Aug 1888 - 6 Dec 1919, Wife of J.A
Neal, O.D., 12 June 1843 - 2 Nov 1931
Neal, Nancy Rebecka, 27 Feb 1849 - 23 Dec 1923, Wife of O.D. Neal
Neal, Joel, 8 Nov 1883 - 1 Dec 1903, Son of O.D. & N.R.
Neal, Columbus J., Died: 31 July 1881, aged 3 mo., Son of O.D. & N.R.

Row #4:
Approximately five unmarked graves with fieldstones.

Row #5:
One unmarked grave with fieldstone.

Row #6
One unmarked grave with fieldstone.

According to a prior census, Mr. Tom Langston, who made his home across the road from this cemetery, helped with information regarding some burials. This unconfirmed information is as follows:

*A sandstone marker carved with an "L" was once in the cemetery marking the grave of Nan L. Self Langston. She was the wife of Buck Langston. This was not found.

*Unmarked grave of Anzereta T. Self Langston, wife of C.W. Langston - 1861 - 9 Mar 1887.

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