Scott County, Arkansas

Go South from Waldron on U.S. Highway 71 approximately 7 miles. Just past Needmore turn left on State Highway 28 East and the cemetery is on the left about 1/10 of a mile. It is enclosed by a chainlink fence but has no sign with the cemetery name on it. The tombstones were copied and a digital photograph was made of each stone in September 2003 and updated in January 2015 by Bob, David and Delaine Edwards. Anyone wishing a copy of the photograph of their ancestor's tombstone may contact me and I'll be glad to send it via Email. Please put "Needmore Cemetery Photos" as the subject of your message.

Abbreviations Used:
B/D=Born & Died
D/o=Daughter of
Dbl/w=Double stone with
H/o=Husband of
S/o=Son of

Brown, J.C., 18 Feb 1844-16 Apr 1881
Calvert, Eula Hooper, 2 Oct 1905-11 Nov 1982, "Mama"
Calvert, Frank, 1872-1967, Dbl/w Olive Calvert
Calvert, Leon, B/D: 1933
Calvert, Olive Sims, 1881-1935, Dbl/w Frank Calvert
Calvert, Wm. Oliver, 18 May 1903-23 Feb 1984, "Daddy"
Clay, Minnie Roseberry, 21 Jan 1897-2 Mar 1919, "In Memory of"
Clopton, Daughter, No dates, d/o John & Dovie Clopton (Hand inscribed stone)
Clopton, Infant, B/D: 28 Jun 1911, s/o John & Dovie Clopton
Clopton, Son, No dates, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Amon Clopton (Handmade stone, off its base)
Clopton, Son, No dates, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Amon Clopton (Handmade stone)
Coleman, Patricia E., 3 Oct 1936-6 Oct 2014, FHM
Crump, (Illegible), 1876?-1912? See Notes below
Crump, Adaline, No dates, "A Mother" (Hand Inscribed)
Crump, Bessie, 1907-1921 (Handmade stone)
Crump, Dan, No dates
Crump, Florela, Mrs., 11 Jun 1874-15 Dec 1946
Crump, Minnie, 1876-1937
Crumpton, Dorcie L., 16 Oct 1933-[Blank], Dbl/w Grady L. Crumpton
Crumpton, Grady L., 3 Oct 1919-25 Feb 2006, Dbl/w Dorcie L. Crumpton
Goolsby, Infant, No dates, Handmade stone *See Notes
Goolsby, Simeon K., 8 Dec 1840-11 Jun 1900, aged 59 ys, 6 ms, 3 ds
Hathaway, Gloria E., 14 Nov 1924-[Blank] (Obit: d. 26 Jan 2010), Dbl/w Warren D. Hathaway, *See Notes
Hathaway, Loy Lee, 12 Dec 1914-[Blank], Dbl/w Sally Loretha "Boots" Hathaway
Hathaway, Sally Loretha "Boots," 1 Sep 1929-17 Nov 2010, Dbl/w Loy Lee Hathaway
Hathaway, Warren D., 18 Jan 1917-14 Apr 1988, Dbl/w Gloria E. Hathaway
Hathaway, Warren D., 18 Jan 1917-14 Apr 1988, PFC US Army, WWII (Military Marker)
Hooper, Leopold, 1868-1935
Lovett, Bertha, 1894-1942, "Mother"
Lovett, Ellis E., 19 Jan 1915-16 Apr 1973, Md Dessie McEntire 17 Jun 1938, "Father"
Lovett, Ruben Leo, 16 Jul 1920 - 15 Apr 1990
James, Georgiea, No dates
Risenhoover, Marion Evelyn, 13 Dec 1928-31 Aug 2013, Dbl/w Trueman Price Risenhoover
Risenhoover, Trueman Price, 25 Mar 1919-6 Mar 2009, Dbl/w Marion Evelyn Risenhoover
Roseberry, Ambrose G., 26 Nov 1848-23 Oct 1928, "In Memory of"
Roseberry, Infant, B/D: 26 Aug 1909, d/o Richard & Mona Roseberry, Dbl/w Mona M. Roseberry
Roseberry, Mona M., 28 Mar 1891-26 Aug 1909, aged 18 yrs, 4 ms, 28 ds, w/o Richard Roseberry, Dbl/w Infant Roseberry
Sims, Anna Geneva, 5 Oct 1890-12 Jun 1955
Sims, Bud, 22 Sep 1885-2 Mar 1979
Sims, Martha P., 1851-1932
Waddle, Joshua Coleman, 11 Apr 1990-29 Oct 2009
Ward, B.J., 1880-1942, h/o Emma Ward (Hand Inscribed stone)
Crump, Illegible, is probably the stone of Nove L. Crump, 6 Sep 1878 - 12 Jun 1942. His wife Minnie is buried here and his obituary states he is buried here.
Hathaway, Gloria, married 2nd William Campbell and died in Neosho, Missouri, was brought here for burial at Needmore Cemetery.
*Goolsby, Infant: This stone has no surname, only "Infant Daughter," and is located next to the grave of Simeon K. Goolsby.
**One tombstone on which only the initials "A.C." could be read

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