Scott County, Arkansas

Next to the Boles Freewill Baptist Church is a tiny cemetery which goes back to the 1850ís. It has not been in use for many, many years. Janice Rogers wrote me: "As far back as I can remember it was no longer in use and most of the tombstones had fallen over. I believe there were remnants of an old barbed wire fence. This was about the mid-1930ís. Eventually the tombstones were all on the ground. People let their cows run loose back then and Iím sure with their grazing they knocked some of them down. By the early forties grass was growing over them and some cars were driving across one corner of the cemetery, taking a short cut to the nearby stores. In order to preserve a record of who might be buried there pieces of the tombstones with readable names were put under the church. At that time the church building had no skirting around it and it was about 2 Ĺ feet from the floor to ground. Iím sure the pieces are still there, near the front of the church."

Buried in this small cemetery is James Augustus and Lucinda (Ivey) Sessions. The descendants of James and Lucinda have put in a new marker for them. I believe that my great-great-great grandparents, Elijah and Mary (Sessions) Ivey are also buried there. I have been told that there were about eleven graves. If anyone can add to or correct the above information it will certainly be appreciated. Contributed by Charlene L. Holland. Please see below for another view of this small cemetery.

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