Scott County, Arkansas

Going South from Waldron on Highway 71, turn right on Highway 80 West (Middle Winfield Road) and go about 3 miles to Lower Winfield Road and turn left. Go about a half mile and turn right on Nelson Loop. The cemetery is about ½ to ¾ mile on the right in a field. This cemetery appears to be long abandoned. It has a good barbed wire fence around it but the briers and undergrowth make it difficult to survey or photograph. Digital photographs were made of the tombstones on 2 March 2004 by Delaine & Bob Edwards. If you would like a copy of the photograph of your ancestor's tombstone, please contact Delaine Edwards and it will be sent via E-mail. Please put "Smith Cemetery Photo" as the subject of your message.

Abbreviations Used:
D/o=Daughter of
I/o=Infant of
S/o=Son of
W/o=Wife of

Brown, T.M., 1830-2 Aug 1886, Aged 56 years
Brown, William T., Died: 26 Feb 1885, Aged 28 years
Condry, Callia, 5 Apr 1847-15 Apr 1905, W/o T.J. (Broken Stone)
Evatt, W.P., 9 Mar 1848-30 Jun 1887, Masonic Emblem
Forehand, J.A., 17 Sep 1835-8 Sep 1877 (Hand Inscribed)
Fuller, Lula May, 14 Mar 1879-18 May 1886, D/o F.P. & Annie (Broken Stone)
Rawlings, Flood Smith, 8 Oct 1865-11 Jun 1901, S/o John & N.J.
Rawlings, George Walker, 11 Nov 1869-2 Feb 1873, S/o John & Nancy
Rawlings, James Thomas, 5 Sep 1867-21 Jul 1871, S/o John & Nancy
Rawlings, John, 14 Feb 1834-24 Feb 1895
Rawlings, Mary Elizabeth, 21 Oct 1863-7 Oct 1871, D/o John & Nancy
Rawlings, Thomas, 16 Jan 1903-7 Jul 1903, S/o C.F. & Lula
Smith, Eliza N., 26 Sep 1844-16 Dec 1882, W/o Geo. W., “Erected by her son W.O. Smith”
Smith, Infant, No dates, I/o Geo. W. & Eliza
Smith, Infant, No dates, I/o Geo. W. & Eliza
Smith, Infant, No dates, I/o Geo. W. & Eliza
Smith, James H., Dr., 17 Jun 1813-27 Aug 1903, Aged 90yrs 2mos 10ds, Masonic Emblem “Died at his home in Waldron, Ark.”
Smith, Joel Flood, 23 May 1880-30 Oct 1882, S/o Geo. W. & Eliza
Smith, Margaret S., 28 Sep 1850-13 Apr 1884
Smith, Otto, 22 Aug 1887-27 Aug 1887, S/o Geo. W. & Susan
Whitlock, John H., 9 Mar 1863-21 Oct 1883
Whitlock, Mary Jane, 4 Sep 1823-28 Aug 1892, W/o Obadiah

We were unable to locate the following tombstones listed in a 1984 survey of this cemetery. The cemetery is grown up with briers and we may simply have missed finding them:
Denton, Major Joel, 30 May 1785-27 Jan 1863 (His tombstone is at Oliver Cemetery)
Smith, Elizabeth Ann, 1 May 1830-4 Feb 1882, W/o Dr. James H.
Smith, Mary Eliza, 9 Nov 1871-29 Jul 1872
Smith, Thomas Newton, 4 Oct 1866-9 Aug 1872, S/o Geo. W. & Eliza
Whitlock, Obadiah W., 18 Oct 1803-18 Sep 1875 (Mary Jane’s stone is off its base and on the ground; his inscription may be on the back side of it – we were unable to turn her stone over to check due to the undergrowth surrounding it.)

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