Scott County, Arkansas

From Waldron go north on Highway 71 to Abbott. Turn right on Abbott Loop and go about 1/4 mile. Turn right on Rock Island Road and go about one and a half miles. Cemetery is on the lefthand side of the road and out in a field in the midst of trees. Surveyed and photographed 26 February 2005 by Delaine & David Edwards. If you would like a copy of the photograph of your ancestor's tombstone, please contact Delaine Edwards and it will be sent via E-mail. Please put "Sorrels Cemetery Photo" as the subject of your message.

Mr. Farris Blythe has done a great deal of cleaning up of this once abandoned cemetery and has removed a lot of trees, brush and debris from the ice storm of a few years ago. The cemetery looks very nice now and will soon be among the nicest in the county. (Please see the bottom of the page for a picture of the cemetery after Mr. Blythe completed his work there.)

Abbreviations Used:
D/o=Daughter of
Dbl/w=Double stone with
S/o=Son of
W/o=Wife of

Bagwell, Alice, 16 Dec 188?-9 Sep 1902, W/o J.T., Dbl/w Rhea (Stone is broken)
Bagwell, Rhea, 12 Jul 1901 - 23 Aug 1902, D/o J.T. & Alice, Dbl/w Alice (Stone is broken)
Barnett, John, Died: 28 Apr 1875 (Copied inscription, failed to get picture)
Carpenter, D.B., 22 Apr 1868-11 Sep 1888, W/o L.
Carpenter, Infant, 7 Sep 1888-7 Nov 1888, Inf/o L. & D.C.
Crabtree, Three Infants of J.M. & M.A., No dates (A triple stone)
Ellis, Mirriam R., 19 Oct 1909-12 Nov 1909
Eppler, Buel, 19 Aug 1902-30 Jul 1904, D/o G.P. & Dora
Eppler, Elvin C., 12 Apr 1895-2 May 1899, S/o G.P. & Dora (He also has an older, broken stone)
Eppler, J.M., 28 Aug 1857-25 Feb 1907
Fretwell, S...., 25 Aug 1881-17 Apr 1899, Age 17yr 7mo 22d (Stone has been repaired, obscuring first name)
Holley, Annie, 14 Mar 1878-7 Aug 1879, D/o J.R. & M.
Holley, James R., 16 May 1827-23 Jan 1879
Holley, Martha, 19 Jun 1838-11 Oct 1908
Looper, H.M., 13 Jul 1847-9 Jan 1887, Masonic Emblem
Looper, Infant, Died: 13 Oct 1875, S/o M.A. & E.C.
Looper, Napoleon V., 31 Oct 1867-15 Dec 1875
Sewell, Dorcas, Died: 12 Aug 187_ (Stone is broken & a piece missing)
Sorrels, -----, 25 Dec 1832-31 Jul 1872 (Stone is broken & first name is missing)
Sorrels, A.P., Died: July 30, No year listed, Age 3yr 6mo
Sorrels, Chattie, 11 Jan 1878-3 Oct 1891
Sorrels, Christiania C., 11 Sep 1852-2 Mar 1884, W/o W.F.
Sorrels, Della L., 29 Apr 1881-21 Oct 1882, D/o J.W. & C.A.
Sorrels, Elizabeth A., 28 Apr 1838-9 Sep 1888, W/o S.D.
Sorrels, George Washington, 9 Sep 1784 - 5 Feb 1855 (No photo available; see notes below)
Sorrels, J.M., Died: Feb. 14, No year listed, Age 1mo 7days, Dbl/w M.B.
Sorrels, James L., 3 May 1804-21 Jan 1875
Sorrels, James O., 26 Aug 1869-21 Sep 1869
Sorrels, M.B., Died: Apr 22, No year listed, Age 3mo 15days, Dbl/w J.M.
Sorrels, Marie, 25 Oct 1874-1874, Inf/o J.W. & C.A., Dbl/w Willie
Sorrels, Marie B., 1796-7 Dec 1867
Sorrels, Rosey, 11 Sep 1875-17 Aug 1877
Sorrels, Sidney J., 20 Aug 1873-24 Jul 1874
Sorrels, W.F., 16 Sep 1848-13 Oct 1887
Sorrels, Willie, 25 Oct 1874 - 1874, Inf/o J.W. & C.A., Dbl/w Marie


A 1992 survey of this cemetery listed these stones which we did not find:
Looper, E.J., 7 Oct 1847-27 Nov 1886
Sorrels, E., Sep 1818-13 Oct 1887
Sorrels, J.M., 7 Jan 1879-20 Apr 1879
Sorrels, M.R., Died: 21 Feb 1879
We found a fragment of a stone on which could be read only the following dates:
Jan 7 1879
Apr 10 1879
Sorrels, George Washington: A descendant Carmen Hankins states there was a military marker there for him in 1981. We did not find it when we were there in 2005.


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