This cemetery is in the Cauthron Townhip of Logan County; however, many Scott Countians are buried there from the Tate community.

LOCATION: There are several ways to go in. At the time we visited, not all roads were named. From Waldron: Go north on 71 highway to US 23 at Elm Park, about 7 miles. Turn east (right) and go about 3-4 miles until you reach the Logan Co. line. Turn right onto Crazy Duck Crossing Road. Continue on this road (will be hilly and curvey) until you reach a "Y". This road should be Tate Road. Turn left onto this road. Follow 2-3 miles to another "Y". Turn left again. Stay on main road for 3-4 miles and you will come to another "Y". Turn left again. You will go up a hill - about 200 yards. At the top of the hill, the road "Y's" again. Turn right. Go straight east until you cross a cattle guard. Continue another few hundred yards. The cemetery can be seen on your left on a hill, and you can drive right up to it. This cemetery sounds difficult to get to but the roads are good and it's fairly easy to find. The cemetery is well-maintained and is an active cemetery enclosed by a chain-link fence.

Please note: There have been a couple of surveys done of this cemetery. In previous ones, there were many bits of information added which were NOT on the tombstone. Dates, full names, relationships, misspellings and some wrong information was found. This survey contains ONLY the information on the stone. I have not added anything else. Every effort was made to get it right. We apologize for any errors. Digital pictures were also taken of each stone. Some concrete blocks just would not photograph.

Survey taken June 2004 by Carolyn Hanna and Lorene Davis
No photos available at this time.

Balentine, Finious, 16 Aug 1902-25 Oct 1918, Dbl w/ Neater, “In memory of our brother and sister: Parents J.A. & Leona Balentine”
Balentine, J. Ervin, 06 Jun 1904-25 Feb 1972
Balentine, James O., 24 Jul 1924-10 Dec 1973
Balentine, Mattie B., 22 Mar 1906-5 Mar 1982
Balentine, Neata, 11 Jun 1926-22 Oct 1926
Balentine, Neater, 13 Jan 1917-29 Jul 1918, Dbl w/ Finious. (Both have footstones)
Boney, Infant, -- --, Concrete Block
Boney, Infant (2), -- --, Concrete Block
Boney, Lee, -- --, Concrete Block
Boney, Louezer, 1884-1905, Dbl w/ Willie
Boney, Mollie, -- --, Concrete Block
Boney, Pa, -- --, Concrete Block
Boney, Willie Z., 1875-1904, “Married 1902" - Dbl w/ Louezer
Brigance, Esther, 1894-1971, Dbl w/ James H.
Brigance, Fred, -- --, Concrete Block
Brigance, Herschel, Concrete Block
Brigance, Infant, 28 Jan 1917-28 Jan 1917, "Daughter of W.A. & Ollie"
Brigance Cpl. J. Grady, 10 Jan 1915-04 Aug 1944, “Son of W.A. & Ollie - Killed in WWII near St. Lo, France”
Brigance James H., 1892-1985, Dbl w/ Esther
Brigance, J. H., 06 Dec 1840-07 Jan 1920, *See notes for further info.
Brigance, Lillie, -- --, Concrete Block - Photo Not Available
Brigance, Luller, 30 Dec 1906-05 Feb 1907, "Dau. of M/M R. M. Brigance"
Brigance, Monroe, 3 Jun 1908-01 Oct 1908, "Son of M/M R. M. Brigance"
Brigance Ollie I., 09 Oct 1879-08 Feb 1967, Dbl w/ Will
Brigance, Polly Ann, 23 Aug 1836-19 Apr 1911
Brigance, Ruby Lurena, 11 Nov 1911-21 Mar 1912
Brigance, Simon, -- --, Concrete Block
Brigance, Thomas M., 20 Jan 1900-22 Jan 1913, "Son of J.M. & Mollie"
Brigance, Veva E., 10 Feb 1922-18 Jun 1988, Dbl w William - "Married 15 May 1938"
Brigance, Will A., 06 Dec 1875-01 Jan 1970, Dbl w/ Ollie I. - "Married 27 Dec 1899"
Brigance, William B. 22 Jan 1920 -- Dbl w/ Veva Bruce, Mrs., -- --, Concrete Block
Chancellor, Joshua N., 14 Jan 1856-11 Apr 1922, “Grandpa”
Chancellor, Levi A., 31 Aug 1896-11 Nov 1927, "Uncle"
Coleman, Mrs., -- --, Concrete Block
Craig, Anna Boney, -- --, Concrete Block
Dodd, Infant, -- --, Concrete Block
Dodd, Infant (2), -- --, Concrete Block
Fane, Infant, -- --, Concrete Block
Garman, Ethel A., 20 Mar 1894-26 Apr 1981, Dbl w/ J. Walter
Garman, J. Walter, 11 Mar 1885-15 Nov 1943, Dbl w/ Ethel
Gill, Clara Bell, 7 Feb 1914-20 Oct 2002, Dbl w/ James A. - "Married 5 Feb 1938"
Gill, James Arbert, 6 Sep 1910-21 Nov 2003, Dbl w/ Clara
Gill, James Dwain, 16 Apr 1941-12 Nov 1944
Gipson, Bill, -- --, Concrete Block
Hamilton, Dad, -- --, Concrete Block
Hamilton, Anne, -- --, Concrete Block - Photo not available
Hobbs, Leveta, 10 Aug 1931-01 Apr 1933
Horine, A.J.B., -- --, Concrete Block
Jefferis, Mary Donita, 20 Oct 1949-30 May 1950, "Our Little Angel In Heaven"
Johnson, Infant of J.B., -- --, Concrete Block
Linton, Grandma, -- --, Concrete Block
Linton, Grandpa, -- --, Concrete Block
Long, Walter, -- --, Concrete Block
Marks, Cloyce L., 26 May 1931-29 Oct 1931, Dbl w/ Leonard “Infant sons of A.L. and Audrey Marks"
Marks, Leonard V., 29 Oct 1932-27 May 1933, Dbl w/ Cloyce
Mercer, Francis C., 20 Dec 1826-06 Mar 1907, "Wife of J.C. Mercer"
Musgrove, Della, 08 Jul 1899-28 Jul 1919
Musgrove, Henry A., 04 Jan 1896-11 Apr 1896, Dbl w/ Jeremiah
Musgrove, J. W., 05 Dec 1881-17 Sep 1912, "Husband of Nancy Musgrove"
Musgrove, Jeremiah H., 18 Mar 1880-13 Feb 1896, Dbl w/ Henry
Musgrove, T.E., 12 Jul 1858-06 Feb 1943, "Wife of T.H. Musgrove"
Musgrove, T.H., 29 Dec 1858-07 Aug 1928, “Husband of Temple E. - Father of J.M., J.W., H.A. & Della”
O’Neal, Mrs., -- --,Concrete Block
O’Shea, -- --, Concrete Block
O’Shea (2), -- --, Concrete Block
Peppers, Mr., -- --, Concrete Block - No photo available
Pettigrew, Infant, -- --, Concrete Block
Preston, Clyde, 9 Jan 1891-21 Jul 1969
Preston, Derald Dewayne, 17 Aug 1921-(Blank), Dbl w/ Vivian - "Father, Preacher, Mason- Married Oct 8, 1938"
Preston, Emma M., 20 Feb 1892-05 Feb 1995, Dbl w/ Leonard G. - "Married 12 Dec 1915"
Preston, Leonard G., 08 Aug 1894-01 Oct 1969, Dbl w/ Emma
Preston, Leonard Leroy, 9 Jul 1917-7 Feb 1990, “Father”
Preston, Jr. Leonard L., 21 Apr 1956, only date
Preston, Vivian Francis McCoy, 15 May 1923-16 Jul 2003, Dbl w/ Derald D. - "Mother of 8 Children"
Preston, W.J., 16 Apr 1861-07 Sep 1930, "At Rest"
Rogers, Mary Lulu, 17 Apr 1862-19 Jun 1939, “Mother”
Scroggins, Infant, -- --, Concrete Block - No photo available
Shackelford, Albert C., 22 May 1906-01 Apr 1912, *notes
Shackelford, Emily E., 26 Sep 1902-19 Feb 1903, *notes
Shackelford Mary E., 18 Jun 1899-22 Sep 1900, Has 2 stones - *notes
Shackelford Mary Elley, 18 Jun 1899-22 Sep 1900, "Dau of A.C. & L.A." - *notes
Smith, Billy Gene, 26 Oct 1946-08 Jul 1978
Sykes, Andrew, -- --, Concrete Block
Sykes, Infant, -- --, Concrete Block
Sykes, "Mother" Mary E., 10 Nov 1898-23 Sep 1929
Taylor, A.J., 23 Sep 1926-15 Dec 1926
Taylor, Andy, -- --, Concrete Block
Taylor, Bee, -- --, Concrete Block
Taylor, Bonnie, 24 Oct 1907-31 Oct 1908, "Dau of J.C. & S.E. Taylor"
Taylor, C.H., 30 Mar 1856-30 Dec 1904, Dbl w/ Mary
Taylor, Claburn, -- --, Concrete Block
Taylor, Emmer, -- --, Concrete Block
Taylor, Emmet, -- --, Concrete Block
Taylor, Infant, 1902-1902
Taylor, Infant of Charles, -- --, Concrete Block
Taylor, Lillie May, -- --, Concrete Block
Taylor, Lottie, 1890-1891
Taylor, Mae Johnson, 1894-1924, (Foot: Minnie Mae 1896-1924) *note -"Dear Mother & Grandmother"
Taylor, Mary F., 10 Aug 1858-22 Apr 1901, Dbl w/ C.H.
Taylor, Pearl, -- --, Concrete Block
Taylor, Thomas E., 1892-1958
Tucknies, Caren Joyce, 29 Jan 1957, Only date - Handcarved into concrete
Wilson, Mrs. Charlie, -- --, Concrete Block
Wilson, Mrs. Emma, -- --, Concrete Block
Wilson, Emmalee J., 15 May 1880-09 May 1900, "Dau. Of Lewis & Susan"
Wilson, Frank, 14 Dec 1908-25 Oct 1990, Dbl w/ Hattie
Wilson, Hattie, 13 Jul 1907-23 Apr 1971, Dbl w/ Frank
Wilson, Henry Albert, 19 Nov 1928-29 Mar 1964
Wilson, Infant, -- --, Concrete Block
Wilson, Levi Denis, 18 Apr 1875-14 Jul 1942, Dbl w/ Mary
Wilson, Lewis G., 1852-1939, Dbl w/ Susan
Wilson, Lizzie, -- --, Concrete Block
Wilson, Lloyd Wayne, 1934-1969, "He had a wonderful capacity to appreciate and to love"
Wilson, Mary Lula, 28 Feb 1884-24 May 1947, Dbl w/ Levi D.
Wilson, Sarrah, -- --, Concrete Block - Photo not available
Wilson, Susan C., 1854-1928, Dbl w/ Lewis G.
Williams, Mrs., -- --, Concrete Block - *Notes
Winters, J.D. “Jay”, 13 Dec 1919-5 Sep 1999, Dbl w/ Jaunita
Military Foot: J.D. Winters - Pvt US Army
Winters, Jaunita “Cricket”, 12 Jun 1923 --, Dbl w/ J.D.
Wolf, Mr., -- --, Concrete Block
Yocum, Buddie, 10 Feb 1903-19 Feb 1913, "Son of B.A. & Ella"
Yocum, Hettie May, 01 Sep 1910-24 Jan 1913, "Dau of B.A. & Ella"

*The concrete blocks were placed by several old-timers who remembered the names of those buried there and have been maintained over the years. There are still a few fieldstones.
*There are three concrete blocks marked “Unknown”.
*There is one tombstone that is now unreadable. There are also several concrete blocks that the camera just wouldn't pick up.
*Location of these graves are as follows: Two just north of Sarrah Taylor; Two north of Brigance plot; One between O'Neal & Mercer.
*The concrete block marked “Mrs. Williams” belongs to Mrs. Thompson. This information is from her grandson, Burl Williams of Waldron, given July 2004. He stated that this concrete block was incorrectly marked and is not his grandmother.
*On Minnie Mae Johnson Taylor, there is a discrepancy between her footstone and headstone.
*On John Henry Brigance stone there is a brass plate engraved with the following:
“In honor of John Henry Brigance Confederate Veteran, Pvt, Co. K., 32nd Texas Cavalry Ector’s Brigade in the War Between the States. Battles: Richmond, KY Murphreesboro, TN Jackson MS Chickamauga, GA Atlanta Campaign Altoona, GA Nashville, TN Wounded 4-3-1865 Spanish Fort, AL”
*The three Shackelford children were previously recorded as being buried in the Old Taylor Cemetery and that they were the only three with marked stones there. This is clearly incorrect. In this Taylor Cemetery, there is one tall, square tombstone which is engraved on three sides. One grave is in front of it, and there is a grave on each side of it. All three graves are clearly marked with engraved footstones marked MES, EES, and ACS.

The following names were included on a previous census but stones were not found for them:
Balentine, Ervin (baby)
Balentine John
Boney, Lucinda A. “Jamie”
Fane (Fain) Bill
Hobbs, K.E.
Musgrove, Nancy Shackelford
Taylor, Berry - (This man with the birth/death dates recorded on another census is buried at Carolan Cemetery)
Taylor, Morine
Wilson, Grandpa

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