The Thompson Cemetery is located in Logan County but near Scott Co. in the Tate Community. It is said to be located on the old William & Elizabeth Thompson homestead. It is an active, well-maintained cemetery within a chain link fenced area. The last burial was in 1994. Decoration/homecoming is the 3rd Sunday in May.

Location: From Waldron: Go north on 71 highway to Elm Park Rest area at Junction 23 highway. Turn right (east) on 23. Go approx. 3 miles to county line and turn right on Crazy Duck Crossing Road. Stay on this road till the "Y". This should be Tate Road. Turn left. Go about 2 1/2 miles until you come to another "Y". Turn right. This should be Eagle's Nest Road or Road #41. About 50 yards, you will cross a creek and the road turns very sharp. Stay left. Go until you pass a rock house on the left. Take the next "Y" and turn right (about 1.3 miles). This should be Roadrunner Trail. You will cross over a long, low water bridge. This is the Petit Jean Creek. About a 1/4 mile past this will be a road that turns off to your right. There should be a Thompson Cemetery Sign there. You will cross a creek with no bridge. This will be a one lane road. It ends at the cemetery- at least 1/4 to 1/2 mile. Caution: May not be a good idea to go in wet weather, especially after heavy rains, unless you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle. I would not attempt this in a low car. The roads are good until you get to the turn off to the cemetery. If necessary, you can walk from the main road but it's a good hike and can be rather grown up in summer.

Several censuses have been done with much information added to some of them. We chose to include ONLY what we could read on the tombstones. We have added nothing else. Also, many of the stones are in very bad condition and are almost unreadable now. We did consider the prior recorded information on some as being correct when we could not read them. Most of the stones were photographed, however, the pictures may not show well due to the condition of the stones. A map was made of the stone placement and will be available at a later date. Every attempt was made to log all fieldstone marked graves and illegible stones. There are at least 55 of these unknown graves.

Every effort was made to insure accuracy, however, mistakes occur.

This census was taken July 2004 by Carolyn Hanna and Lorene Davis
Photographs not available at this time

BOGGS, Infant, 1923-1923, Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Aud Boggs
CAMPBELL, Cecil B., 24 Mar 1892-8 Jul 1894, "Dau of E.S.T & E D Campbell" *note
COBURN, L.M., 21 Jan 1830-6 Nov 1897, "Served 4 yrs in Civil War. Two Yrs in Fifth Ark Co. H.-
Two Yrs. First Leut in the Miss Cavalry Co. K." ****
COBURN, Mrs. S.M., 5 Apr 1829-6 Mar 1914, "Mother"
COX, Martha A., 3 Oct 1866-9 Jun 1895, "Wife of G.R. Cox"
GREGORY, Maggie, 26 Feb 1878-25 Jan 1900, Handcarved into concrete
GREGORY, Mary H., 18 Aug 1900-1 Sep 1900, "Infant of G.H. & E.L. Gregory"
GREGORY, Pervie J., 30 Jul 1896-19 Jan 1911, "Dau. of G.H. & E.L. Gregory"
GRIGERY, G.H., 23 Jan 1873-20 Aug 1918, "F.L.T. - Weep not, he is at rest" *note
HUNSUCKER, Luther W., 9 May 1878-11 Oct 1895
HURT, Charles H., 3 Jun 1866-24 May 1934, "Father"
HURT, Nancy D., 24 May 1875-9 Aug 1925, "Mother"
HURT, Rossie, 1 Sep 1904-10 Oct 1911, "Age 7 yrs 1 mo 9 dys"
HURT, Infant, 14 May 1891-14 May 1891, "Infant Son of C.H. & W.D." *The year might be 1897.
JOHNSTON, Vera Leota, 22 Apr 1904-10 Dec 1909, "Dau. of Mr & Mrs H.A. Johnston - 5yr 7mo 18 dys"
LAWSON, Bulah, 17 Dec 1898-1 Aug 1899
LAWSON, Thos., 31 Oct 1873-1 Jan 1932
MCCLAIN, R.A., 30 Jul 1842-3 May 1895, A tall tombstone broken in many pieces and very faded
MONTGOMERY, Charley H., 1868-1965, Dbl w/ Martha
MONTGOMERY, Martha, 1868-1957, Dbl w/ Charley
MONTGOMERY, Monroe, 4 Jul 1909-5 Nov 1972, Dbl w/ Rosie
MONTGOMERY, Rachal, 12 Dec 1896-28 Sep 1900, "Dau. of C.H. & Martha"
MONTGOMERY, Rosie Mae, 11 Jun 1908-14 Mar 1994, Dbl w/ Monroe
MONTGOMERY, Willie, 08 Sep 1878-25 Apr 1899, "Dau. of A.J. & A.E. Coburn" *Note
PEARCE, George, 1879-1913
SCOTT, Infant, 13 Jul 1903-13 Jul 1903, "Infant of L.R. & P.E."
SCOTT, Infant, 13 Apr 189_ - broken, "Infant of A.B. Scott & Maggie Gregory"
SMITH, Dee, 07 Jun 1902-5 May 1987
SMITH, Grady Joseph, 06 Apr 1917-23 Dec 1917, "Son of Jack & Nettie Smith"
SMITH, Infant Babe, 8 Jun 1909-22 Jun 1909, "Infant Babe of F.A. and E.M. Smith
SMITH, J. O., 5 Sep 1852-26 Oct 1926
SMITH, Nancie E., 2 Oct 1860-16 May 1900, "Wife of J.O."
SMITH, Ogie, 8 Sep 1906-17 Jul 1907, "Son of F.A. & E.M."
SMITH, William John Henry, 03 Mar 1948, "Age 14 yr 10 mo 6 dy - *note
WILLIAMS, Herman M., 23 Aug 1899-8 Oct 1901, Son of A. & Ella Williams (no photo avail)
WILLIAMS, Robert L., 27 Jan 1891-4 Mar 1891, Son of A. & Ella Williams (no photo avail)
YOCOM, Alice, 17 Jun 1870 - __ Dec 1895, "In memory of Alice, daughter of F.M. & E.C." *Note
YOCOM, Frank M., 02 Sep 1886-19 Nov 1901, "In memory of Frank M." *Note

*Cecil Campbell stone: I do not know if it reads Ed or E.D. Campbell. It could be Ed and Elizabeth Campbell who are in Belva in 1900. Another census lists her the daughter of Francis and Frances Campbell but the stone clearly does not say that.
Helen writes: "I know for a fact that her parents were E.S.T Campbell and Elizabeth DeWitt Campbell. Cecil was my grandfathers sister."

*L.M. Coburn was my greatest joy to find, and the reason I did the census for this cemetery. He had been mistakenly recorded on prior cemetery censuses as being born in 1880, when it is clearly 1830. It was also recorded that he was the SON of Andrew and Susan Coburn. Actualy, he was Andrew's FATHER: Leroy M. Coburn, born 21 Jan 1830 and died 6 Nov 1897. The most amazing bit of history was overlooked for 100 years. The base of his tombstone was engraved with the above Civil War history. I researched him on the Edward Gerdes Civil War Website and found Leroy had enlisted as a private on 13 Jun 1861 at Wittsburg, Arkansas in the 5th Arkansas Infantry - Co. K., of the Confederate States of America. He was reported as AWOL on 15 Aug 1862 and was dropped from the Arkansas rolls on 16 Nov. 1863. (This was not unusual when soldiers traded units. Many times they were reassigned, but the orders never made it to the correct person and they were counted AWOL when they weren't missing at all.) We then pick up L.M. Coburn as a First Lt. in Co. F. (Duncan's Company) of the 7th Reg. Mississippi Cavalry. They were raised in Tippah and Pontotoc Co. MS. What an amazing bit of history missed for so long.
*Grigery stone - I'm not sure why it was spelled this way. The censuses have it spelled Gregory.
*William John Henry Smith's stone is not engraved but has a funeral home marker that is almost illegible at this time.
*Note Yocum's names are spelled differently - usually spelled "Yocum" with a "u" and not "o".
*Willie Montgomery stone reads "Willie Montgomery - Dau of A.J. & A.E. Coburn." I do not know if Montgomery is her married name or her middle name. (Willie Coburn Montgomery or Willie Montgomery Coburn?)

The following are names that were included on prior censuses who were not located this time around. Since it did not say, it is not known if these were recorded from actual stones, or from memory.
Brown, Baby
Cole, Charlotte "Lottie" Smith
Hamilton, Mrs.
Holmes, Eric
Johnson, Grandma
Johnson, Grandpa
King, Baby
McClain, Jarves B.
Montgomery, Infant
Montgomery, Infant
Montgomery, Lourie
Sims, Mr. "Dad"
Smith, Emma Thompson
Smith, Permelia Arwood
Smith, Infant
Smith, Sarah H.
Smith, Willie Thompson
Soldier, Unknown
Thompson, William "Bill"

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