Scott County, Arkansas

Boothe, Scott County, Arkansas, on Highway 71 north of Waldron.

The tombstones were copied and a digital photograph was made of each stone with a visit on October 17, 2003 by Barbara Hale Reynolds. Anyone wishing a copy of the photograph of their ancestor's tombstone may contact me and I'll be glad to send it via Email. Please put "BJF Trotter Cemetery" as the subject line.

Abbreviations Used:
D/o=Daughter of
Dbl/w=Double stone with
H/o = Husband of
S/o=Son of
W/o=Wife of

DeHart, Onetta, Sep 14, 1915-Feb 1, 1978
Harwell, Gerald, May 27, 1919-Nov 5, 1991; Dbl/w Nadine Harwell
Harwell, Nadine, Mar 6, 1920-Sep 30, 1991; Dbl/w Gerald Harwell; Md. Dec 25, 1941
Mitchell, Billy M., Jan 15, 1926-Dec 10, 1998; Dbl/w Dora Dean Mitchell
Mitchell, Dora Dean, July 16, 1926-Nov 5, 1984; Dbl/w Billy M. Mitchell
Mitchell, Grace, Sep 12, 1905-Nov 1, 1989; Dbl/w Herman Mitchell
Mitchell, Herman C., Aug 2, 1905-Mar 2, 1975; Dbl/w Grace Mitchell
Mitchell, Shelby, Only date: Sep 2, 1940
Mitchell, Sidney T., Nov 9, 1927-Nov 20, 1943
Moore, Melba Dean, Nov 12, 1928-Jun 8, 1992; Dbl/w Ora Lee
Moore, Ora Lee, Feb 17, 1917-Mar 7, 1979; Dbl/w Melba D.
Moore, Ora Lee; SSgt. US Army WWII; 1917-1979
Nichols, Stephanie Gail, Jun 13, 1966-Jul 16, 1966
Pate, W. T., Jr., Nov 18, 1883-Jan 4, 1938
Sorrels, Amorita M., 1914-1997; Dbl/w Cecil D. Sorrels
Sorrels, Ben D., 1934-1996; Dbl/w Leigh Sorrels
Sorrels, Cecil D., 1907-1982; Dbl/w Amorita Sorrels
Sorrels, Delphia, Died: Nov 23, 1907 Age:4y/7m/11d; d/o S.J.& MA; "Little Delphia"
Sorrels, Edith R., No dates; Dbl/w Nolan Irby Sorrels
Sorrels, Irene, Jan 14, 1924-Living; Dbl/w Sorrels, Samuel J. Jr.
Sorrels, Leigh, 1935-Living; Dbl/w Ben D. Sorrels
Sorrels, Mineola, Jan 31, 1884-Apr 21, 1951
Sorrels, Nolan Irby, Nov 7, 1912-Mar 18, 1992; Dbl/w Edith R., Md. Oct 23, 1938
Sorrels, Sam J., Sr., Sep 26, 1881-Sep 18, 1957
Sorrels, Samuel J. Jr., Sep 15, 1920-May 31, 1989; Dbl/w Irene Sorrels
Sorrels, Vernie D., Jun 27, 1910-Jun 27, 1912; D/o S. J. & Minnie; "Our Darling Baby"
Trotter, B. J. F., Jun 5, 1836 - Jan 23, 1910
Trotter, Dorothy, Oct 9, 1914-Living; Dbl/w L. A.
Trotter, Gertrude M., 1892-1973
Trotter, Hansel H., 1892-1969
Trotter, L. A., Nov 10, 1917-Living; Dbl/w Dorothy
Trotter, Roger, 1886-1963
Trotter, Rose Etta, Apr 3, 1886-Mar 1, 1952 w/o S.R. Trotter
Trotter, S. E. A., Aug 12, 1857-Feb 24, 1901. W/o BJF Trotter
Trotter, S. R. "Buster" Nov 25, 1881-Mar 5, 1957
Vestal, Homer K., 1913-1957
Wilson, Frankie, only date: Jan 10, 1915; d/o Virgil & Beulah
Winters, Cordie Boothe, Aug 17, 1876-Dec 12, 1903 *See Note
Winters, Minnie, Nov 17, 1897-Sep 13, 1903; D/o E.T. & Cordie

Note: This tombstone is broken off just above the dates. I speculate that this is Cordelia Boothe Winters. She was listed as Cordella Boothe in her marriage record to Elijah Winters; as Cordie on her daughter’s tombstone; and as Christopher C. in the 1900 Scott County, Arkansas Census.

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