Tate town

District 3

P.O. Blue Ball, AR

Teacher: Eirlee Hudson

November 18, 1940 to March 14, 1941

Total Number of days 80

Grades 1-8

Transcribed by Betty Leeper




Dickens, Eudean                                                                                  Dickens, Odean

Born: January 17, 1939                                                                        Born: January 17, 1932

Guardian: Mrs. Harriett Dickens                                                        Guardian: Mrs. Harriett Dickens


Hunt, Norman Lee                                                                                Hunt, Otis

Born:                                                                                                      Born: March 11, 1935

Guardian: Ben Hunt                                                                             Guardian: Pat Hunt


Hunt, William                                                                                        Pollard, Otis

Born: November 14, 1934                                                                    Born: March 10, 1934

Guardian: Buck Hunt                                                                           Guardian: Ted Pollard


Garner, Monroe                                                                                    Lunsford, Kenneth

Born: 1927                                                                                             Born: February 25, 1932

Guardian: Ace Garner                                                                          Guardian: Votcher Lunsford


Defoor, Troy                                                                                         Hunt, Bobbie Joe

Born: February 25, 1922                                                                      Born: May 29, 1932

Guardian: Ted Pollard                                                                          Guardian: Pat Hunt


Starr, Velmer                                                                                          Templeton, Roy

Born: July 22, 1930                                                                               Born: November 21__

Guardian: Sam Vaughn                                                                        Guardian: Horace Pollard


Garner, Bethel                                                                                       Lunsford, Hoover

Born: August 5, 1922                                                                           Born: July 24, 1929

Guardian: Ace Garner                                                                          Guardian: Votcher Lunsford


Hunt, Eddie                                                                                           Morgan, Ray

Born: November 9, 1926                                                                      Born: May 9, 1930

Guardian: Jake Hunt                                                                            Guardian: Dovie Webb


Vaughn, John Henry                                                                           Farnsworth, Earl

Born: January 8, 1924                                                                          Born: January 17, 1929

Guardian: Susie Vaughn                                                                     Guardian: Martin Farnsworth


Owens, Eugene                                                                                    Horn, Hercel

Born: February 11, 1926                                                                      Born: June 10, 1926

Guardian: Ted Pollard                                                                          Guardian: Baxter Horn


Garner, Minnia Lee                                                                              Garner, Lillie

Born: 1930                                                                                             Born: March 8, 1932

Guardian: Ace Garner                                                                          Guardian: Ace Garner


Horn, Lettia Mae                                                                                  Hunt, Sallie Elizabeth

Born: February 13, 1935                                                                      Born: August 1, 1935

Guardian: Baxter Horn                                                                         Guardian: Buck Hunt


Templeton, Madge                                                                              Vaughn, Clever

Born: December 29, __                                                                        Born: May 23, 1933

Guardian: Hoarse Pollard                                                                    Guardian: Susie Vaughn


Hunt, Imogene                                                                                      Lunsford, Wanda Jo

Born: April 29, 1929                                                                             Born: May 13, 1928

Guardian: Pat Hunt                                                                              Guardian: Joe Lunsford


Starr, Laudean                                                                                      Vaughn, Edna

Born: January 7, 1928                                                                          Born: August 14, 1928

Guardian: Sam Vaughn                                                                        Guardian: Susie Vaughn


Vaughn, Edith                                                                                       Dickens, Fayenelle

Born: May 26, 1927                                                                              Born: April 2, 1926

Guardian: Susie Vaughn                                                                     Guardian: Harriet Dickens


Lunsford, Neamo                                                                                 Pollard, Fay

Born: August 2, 1926                                                                           Born: September 11, 1925

Guardian: Votcher Lunsford                                                               Guardian: Hoarse Pollard


Lunsford, Thelmo                                                                                Owens, Geraldine

Born: September 20, 1934                                                                    Born: February 11, 1926

Guardian: Votcher Lunsford                                                               Guardian: Ted Pollard


Swinford, Ruby                                                                                    Swinford, Lorene

Born:                                                                                                      Born:

Guardian: Monroe Swinford                                                               Guardian: Monroe Swinford


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