Tate town

District 3

P.O. Olio, AR

Teacher: C.S. Wade

July 1, 1944 to June 30, 1945

Grades 1-8

Transcribed by Betty Leeper




Hunt, Willa Mae                                                                                   Pollard, Lotta Sue

Guardian: Buck Hunt                                                                           Guardian: Horace Pollard


Hunt, Linda Sue                                                                                   Pollard, Melba

Guardian: Jake Hunt                                                                            Guardian: Ted Pollard


Highfill, Roth                                                                                        Garner, Mima

Guardian: John Highfill                                                                       Guardian: Ace Garner


Williford, Leo                                                                                        Hunt, Mary Sue

Guardian: Callie Mae Williford                                                           Guardian; Jake Hunt


Hunt, Otis                                                                                              Hunt, Sally

Guardian: Pat Hunt                                                                              Guardian: Buck Hunt


Templeton, Roy                                                                                    Horn, Lettie

Guardian: Horace Pollard                                                                    Guardian. Baxter Horn


Pollard, Otis                                                                                          Templeton, Madge

Guardian: Ted Pollard                                                                          Guardian: Horace Pollard


Pollard, Armgretta                                                                                Hayden, Ruby

Guardian: Horace Pollard                                                                    Guardian: A. Hayden


Hayden, Reba                                                                                       Vaughn, Cleaver

Guardian: A. Hayden                                                                           Guardian: Susie Vaughn


Defoor, Troy Ray                                                                                 Morgan, Roy

Guardian: Ted Pollard                                                                          Guardian: Kern Webb


Lunsford, Wanda                                                                                 Vaughn, Edna

Guardian: Joe Lunsford                                                                       Guardian: Susie Vaughn


Farnsworth, Earl                                                                                   Vaughn, James

Guardian: Martin Farnsworth                                                             Guardian: Sam Vaughn


Hunt, Wm. Oscar                                                                                 Hunt, Helen

Guardian: Buck Hunt                                                                           Guardian: Buck Hunt


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