Back Row: Ivy Harris, Rea Terry, Willamena Beler, Virgie Cash, Lucille Simmons, Lois Ritter, Dane White, Claircy Haney and Janie Rex next to teacher.

Middle Row: Eugeon Beler, Eva Cash, Effie Spence, Lola Huckaby, Nadine Cash, Mary Dunn*, Geraldine Haney, ??, Edna Huckaby?, and Lucille Beler on end.

Front Row: Lloyd Beler, Baxter Huckaby?, Edward Terry, Mark Harris, Gene Terry, Ray Huckaby, and Verlis Huckaby.

*Mary Dunn was a cousin of the Haneys, came from Ft. Worth and stayed with them for a time.

One thing I would like to find out is what actually caused the death of three of these kids while they were teenagers. My aunt (Nadine Cash) suddenly became ill (bad stomach ache) one day and died that day (1938). My mother says the same thing happened to Lloyd (1938) and Lucille Beler (1939)--that they died very suddenly. They are all buried at the Coaldale Cemetery. There are no coroner's inquests, obituaries or death certificates to be found. Is anyone still around who might have a clue as to what might have caused this? My uncle, Stanley Cash, according to my mother, ate a piece of poisoned candy and died immediately at age 4 (1930). He's buried in Coaldale Cemetery. No coroner's inquest, obituary or death certificate. They thought the grocer might have accidentally sprayed it with bug spray. But, apparently no one pursued it. We would welcome rumors and speculation, if that's all there is available. Please contact:

Joyce Fleming

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