Cornelius Family

The photograph above was taken at Harvey, Scott Co., AR probably in the late 1920's or early 1930's. Those identified so far are, left to right:
1. Benjamin Franklin Cornelius
2. Unknown young lady partially hidden behind baby
3. Unknown young lady holding baby
4. Elizabeth Harberson Cornelius
5. Unknown young man between shoulders of #4 and #6
6. Tade Watkins, wearing cap & directly behind coil in still
7. Unknown man wearing cap in background
8. William Francis Cornelius in background wearing straw hat
9. Unknown young boy wearing cap in foreground
10. Man in foregound in hat believed to be George W. Cornelius, a Civil War veteran
11 & 12. Two unknown women
13. Unknown man

If you can identify any of the other people, please contact G.W. Cornelius.

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