Scott County Arkansas
Revolutionary War Pension Application
Contributed by Bob Foster

Here is the full text of George Coughran's Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant application.

"Coughran (Caughran) George 3 May 1838 Sevier Co., ARK. George Coughran of said county declares in 1781 he was a citizen of Bedford Co., VA and in September or October was drafted under Captain Thomas McRunnel's and Lt. Robert Walkins. He thinks the regiment was commanded by Col. Trigg and rendezvoused at Holt's Store on Big falling River in said county. They took up their march to Yorktown and were there during the siege and a short time after the surrender he was discharged. He was between 16 and 17 years of age.

17 October 1853. Scott County., ARK.
George (X) Caughran of said county, aged 91, declares he was a private in the company of Captain Thomas McReynolds in the 5th Regiment of Militia commanded by Col. Trigg at the taking of Lord Cornwallis. He was drafted in Bedford County, VA about the last of August 1781 for 6 months and served about 3 months and was discharged at Little York on the surrender of Lord Cornwallis about the last of Nov. 1781."

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