1882 - 1912

These records have been transcribed from the Chancery Court files and published by Scott County Historical & Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1560, Waldron, AR 72958. The price for Volume 1 is $20.00 + $3.00 mailing; Volume 2 is $15.00 plus mailing, or you may order copies of the information for the individual divorces listed below from the Society for $1.00 per page plus a stamped, self-addressed envelope. The number of pages for each divorce is enclosed in (brackets) following the names of the couple.

1882 - 1904

ABBOTT, John H. v. Laura (2 pages)
ABBOTT, Laura R. v. John H. (1 page)
ADAMS, Lucy v. W.T. (9 pages)
ALFORD, W.W. v. Emma (2 pages)
ALLEN, Douglas v. Ida (1 page)
ALLEN, Douglas v. Idea (1 page)
ALLEN, John W. v. Sarah A. (1 page)
ALLISON, Martha v. Theodore (2 pages)
BAGWELL, Wm. J. v. Susan (1 page)
BALLENTINE, J.E. v. Cora (1 page)
BANKS, Mary C. v. Wm. (1 page)
BEAM, J.A. v. Fannie (2 pages)
BELCHER, M.L. v. Mary (1 page)
BERRY, Wm. B. v. Flora B. (2 pages)
BLACK, Silva v. A.H. (1 page)
BOLTON, Thomas W. v. Delia A. (2 pages)
BOYETT, Mary E. v. John C. (1 page)
BRASHEARS, Louisa J. v. Wm. C. (1 page)
BRESHEARS, Louisa J. v. W.C., Sr. (5 pages)
BREWER, Sarah E. v. D.T. (6 pages)
BROOKS, George v. Florence (1 page)
BROTHERS, Malinda J. v. Israel (2 pages)
BROWN, Minnie v. Wm. L. (1 page)
BROWNFIELD, A.T. v. Minnie (2 pages)
BURROUGHS, Lou v. Van (2 pages)
BURY, Malissa v. Martin (2 pages)
CANTRELL, Mima v. J.D. (2 pages)
CASTLEBERRY, Arley V. v. Sam (2 pages)
CAUDLE, Marietta v. W.P. (2 pages)
CAUGHERN, W.H. v. Mattie (1 page)
CHAPPELL, G.W. v. Hulda (1 page)
CHILDERS, E.R. v. Nancy D. (1 page)
CLINTON, Stadie Anne v. Moses (1 page)
CLONIGER, Minnie v. David (2 pages)
CLYMER, Edna v. H. (1 page)
COKER, John A. v. Tennessee (2 pages)
COLEY, John R. v. Louisa (3 pages)
COMBS, Effie v. J.B. (3 pages)
COMMANDER, J.W. v. Amanda (1 page)
DAVENPORT, Mary C. v. Wm. J. (1 page)
DICKERSON, H.F. vs. Catharine 1 page)
DOBBS, Laura v. Linz (1 page)
DODSON, James B. v. Mary (2 pages)
DOLLAR, W.P. v. Alice (2 pages)
DOOLEY, Francis E. v. J.C. (2 pages)
DOOLEY, Francis E. v. J.C. (1 page)
DUNN, Cordelia v. William S. (5 pages)
DYER, Francis A. v. A.B. (1 page)
ECHOLS, Mattie A. v. S.P., Jr. (2 pages)
ECKERT, David v. Mary (3 pages)
EDWARDS, L.P. v. Della (1 page)
EIKLER, Alice v. Joseph (1 page)
ESSMAN, James A. v. Mary (1 page)
EVANS, Alfred T. v. Mattie (2 pages)
EVATT, J.L. v. Carrie (2 pages)
EVATT, R.D. v. Mattie J. (10 pages)
EVATT, Tolla v. Robert Payne (1 page)
EVATT, Tollie v. R.P. (3 pages)
FARMER, Dean v. T.P. (2 pages)
FEAZEL, George v. Vernell (2 pages)
FIELDS, Henrietta v. Tom (2 pages)
FORREST, James S. v. Mary A. (4 pages)
FRAZIER, Lerdo v. Minnie L. (2 pages)
FULLER, William H. v. Mollie (2 pages)
GANDY, Alice v. F.E. (2 pages)
GATES, Lizzie v. G.G. (2 pages)
GATLIN, J.F. v. Scitha (2 pages)
GENTRY, H.C. v. Elias L. (2 pages)
GENTRY, W.H. v. M.A. (1 page)
GIDEON, Sallie v. W.D. (1 page)
GILBREATH, Barbara v. Tom (1 page)
GIPSON, Eliza v. John (2 pages)
GOODHUE, Martha J. v. Albert F. (1 page)
GRAY, Hiram v. Jennie (1 page)
GREGORY, Charles v. Emma (1 page)
HADAWAY, W.M. v. Laura (1 page)
HAIRRELL, William v. Mattie (3 pages)
HALE, Sarah A. v. F.M. (2 pages)
HALL, R.M. v. Ella (1 page)
HAMILTON, Bessie v. J.O. (2 pages)
HAMMERS, Eliza v. J.T. (2 pages)
HANCOCK, Mollie F. v. George A. (2 pages)
HANKINS, Celia F. v. David R. (2 pages)
HARPER, Joe v. M.J. (2 pages)
HART, Ida v. J.J. (1 page)
HART, W.R. v. Eliza (2 pages)
HAWKINS, J.J. v. Sarah (1 pages)
HAYNES, Frankey v. C.J. (2 pages)
HELMS, Manda V. v. Russell M. (1 page)
HENDERSON, T.J. v. Nannie (1 page)
HENSON, Dora v. Wilburn (2 pages)
HENSON, Wilburn H. v. Florence (2 pages)
HESTER, Ada v. Tom (1 page)
HILBURN, Catherine v. Henry (1 page)
HILL, Charles D. v. Virginia B. (1 page)
HILL, Virginia B. v. Charlie David (3 pages)
HOGAN, Alice v. Daniel (2 pages)
HOGUE, Daniel J. v. Columbia (2 pages)
HOLBIRD, C.P. v. Nancy (1 page)
HOLDER, Melissa v. John W. 2 pages)
HOLLOMAN, Anga v. John O. (1 page)
HOOPER, Mattie A. v. J.M. (1 page)
HOOVER, Lula L. v. Luther E. (2 pages)
HOUSE, J.L. v. Mary J. (3 pages)
HOWARD, Mary Alice v. J.W. (1 page)
JOHNSON, F.M. v. Mary R. (2 pages)
JOHNSON, Warren v. Emma (2 pages)
JOHNSTON, Lena v. W.A. (1 page)
JONES, Elizabeth v. William (1 page)
JONES, Lee Anna (Leona) v. Roland (2 pages)
JOYCE, M.L. v. E.R. (2 pages)
JOYCE, Mary J. v. E.R. (1 page)
KELLEY, B.F. v. Ella (1 page)
KELLEY, J.S. v. Lottie (4 pages)
KELLEY, W.D. v. M.E. (1 page)
KELLY, W.D. v. M.E. (2 pages)
KIRK, T.J. v. Nettie (2 pages)
KLING, Mattie v. Joe (2 pages)
KLOTZBUCHER, Peter v. Varilla (1 page)
LARIMORE, B.C. v. Joanna (1 page)
LARRIMORE, Joanna v. B.C. (2 pages)
LEMARR, John v. Cora (2 pages)
LITTREAL, H.D. v. A.B. (3 pages)
LYNN, Lillie v. Charles B. (4 pages)
MABRY, Virgie L. v. John H. (2 pages)
MARLOW, J.W. v. Mary (3 pages)
MARTIN, Edna v. Jack (2 pages)
MAYFIELD, Sallie v. C.F. (1 page)
McCLURE, Julia v. A.M. (2 pages)
McDONALD, Tennessee W. v. J.B. (1 page)
McDONALD, Zadie v. Aaron (2 pages)
McKENZIE, J.W. v. R.E. (2 pages)
McNEELEY, Isom C. v. Lillie (1 page)
McQUINZEY, Sarah A. v. Mack (2 pages)
MEDLIN, Thomas J. v. Martha (1 page)
MILLS, Thomas v. Mary E. (1 page)
MOORE, Almeda v. J.R. (1 page)
MOORE, J.M. v. Dice (1 page)
MOORE, M.L. v. C.W. (1 page)
MYERS, J.C. v. Mattie (1 page)
NATION, Emma v. W.N. (2 pages)
NATION, W.N. v. Martha E. (1 page)
NATIONS, A.J. v. Sarah A. (1 page)
NEVILLS, B.Y. v. Lydia E. (2 pages)
OSBORN, N. v. Alice (1 page)
PAYNE, Jesse H. v. Sallie G. (1 page)
PAYNE, Martha C. v. A.J. (1 page)
PENDERGRAFT, James A. v. Barnie (1 page)
PERRY, Alice v. Joe (1 page)
PETITJOHN, George v. Matilda (2 pages)
PHILLIPS, J.W. v. A.V. (4 pages)
PIPPINS, Mat v. Mariah (1 page)
POGUE, John T. v. Ella (3 pages)
PRUITT, Martha v. Richard (1 page)
QUEENER, George J. v. Jendora Maud (3 pages)
RANKIN, M.J.S. v. Mary J. (1 page)
RANKIN, M.J.S. v. Mary (1 page)
RATLIFF, Maggie H. v. A.H. (2 pages)
RAY, D.E. v. Mary (2 pages)
REYNOLDS, Lerona J. v. Robert (1 page)
RICHMOND, S.D. v. Lidia (1 page)
ROBERTSON, Flora E. v. Charley (2 pages)
RODGERS, D.A. v. Nancy (3 pages)
ROGERS, Ella v. Joe S. (2 pages)
RUPE, Martha M. v. Joseph R. (2 pages)
SALES, Mary A.G. v. William J. (2 pages)
SANDERS, Lillie F. v. W.U. (7 pages)
SCROGGIN, S.J. v. Arbrey (2 pages)
SHADD, Edward v. Jane (1 page)
SIMMONS, Lillie E. v. Dr. D.H. (2 pages)
SLOCUM, Leonard A. v. Sarah A.D. (2 pages)
SLONE, A. v. Amanda Elizabeth (2 pages)
SMITH, Daniel B. v. Esther E. (2 pages)
SMITH, James A. v. Mattie (3 pages)
SMITH, Laura v. H.N. (3 pages)
SNOWDER, Delila M. v. Samuel P. (4 pages)
SORRELS, G.R. v. Sarah A. (2 pages)
SOUTHERLAND, Callie v. John (2 pages)
STEVENS, Tilda (Tillie) v. C.J. (1 page)
SUMPTER, John H. v. Sarah (1 page)
SUMPTER, Sis v. J.D. (2 pages)
SUTTON, Julia A. v. J.O. (2 pages)
SUTTON, William L. v. Amanda E. (2 pages)
SUTTON, William L. v. Amanda E. (1 page)
SYBURN, Lucy v. James F. (2 pages)
TAYLOR, T.J. v. Mary D. (2 pages)
THOMPSON, Sarah F. v. William (2 pages)
THRASHER, Eliza v. Elijah (9 pages)
TRIPP, Julian v. N.E. (1 page)
WALKER, Fannie v. Silas (2 pages)
WARD, Elizabeth v. F.M. (2 pages)
WARD, Rachel v. J.V. (2 pages)
WATSON, James W. v. Roey (2 pages)
WILLIAMS, S.J. v. Della (1 page)
WILSON, L.D. v. Susie M. (1 page)
WILSON, Z.R. v. Mollie E. (3 pages)
WINTERS, Elijah T. v. Matilda (1 page)
WOOD, Emeline v. John T. (1 page)
WOOD, Mary A. v. Franklin (1 page)
WOODS, Francis J. v. J.C. (1 page)
WOODS, Rhoda J. v. Lewis (1 page)
WRIGHT, A.M. v. Phenie (2 pages)
WRIGHT, Floyd v. Agnes (2 pages)
WRIGHT, W.L. v. Bertha (2 pages)
WRINKLE, Ada B. v. Chas. W. (2 pages)
YANDELL, George W. v. Lucretia (2 pages)
YOST, L.A. v. John (2 pages)
YOUNGBLOOD, J.T. v. Maggie (1 page)

1904 - 1912

ADAMS, W.T. v. Lucy (1 page)
ADDISON, Lee v. Maggie (8 pages)
ALLEN, Lillie May v. Boother C. (2 pages)
ANNESLEY, Margaret v. J.W. (2 pages)
ANNESLEY, Sarah J. v. J.W. (6 pages)
ARNOLD, Susie v. James (3 pages)
AUSTIN, Annie v. Charlie (1 page)
BAGWELL, Ollie v. J.L. (2 pages)
BILES, Bert E. v. Helen (3 pages)
BOWMAN, Clemie v. Ted (2 pages)
BRYANT, Bell v. B.R. (1 page)
BURGER, Maggie v. Martin (1 page)
CHASTAIN, T.T. v. M.E. (1 page)
CHURCHILL, Sam v. Lula (1 page)
CLARK, Minnie v. James (2 pages)
CLOPTON, Dena v. Addie (1 page)
COLLIER, Emma v. Arthur (1 page)
CORNELIUS, Luda v. Robert (7 pages)
COX, Jennie v. Marion (2 pages)
CUTSINGER, Letta v. J.W. (2 pages)
DAVIS, E.E. v. Joe (3 pages)
DEFOOR, O.P. v. Mary L. (6 pages)
DOOLEY, Francis E. v. J.C. (8 pages)
FERGUSON, E.D. v. Minnie (1 page)
FERGUSON, Martha E. v. H.H. (5 pages)
FLANAGAN, Lula Eva v. Walter J. (2 pages)
FOSSON, Angelo v. Antonio (2 pages)
FULLER, Cora v. H.A. (1 page)
GAMBLE, J.R. v. E.A. (2 pages)
GARNER, Mary v. Irvan (2 pages)
GASTIN, Willie v. John (2 pages)
GIBSON, C.L. v. Mary “Mollie” (4 pages)
GOFORTH, C.T. v. Frue (2 pages)
GORDON, Eugene v. Vallie (2 pages)
GRILLS, Dora v. Ed (2 pages)
HANEY, Ada v. J. (1 page)
HARDIN, Lona v. H.H. (2 pages)
HART, Olga v. Earnest (2 pages)
HAUERT, W.M. v. Alta (2 pages)
HEATH, Jennie v. F.G. (1 page)
HERRING, Mary v. G.H. (2 pages)
HINES, Jettie v. Dave (1 page)
HOUERT, Alta v. W.M. (1 page)
HOUSE, M.A. v. M.P. (2 pages)
HOWARD, Callie v. Joe (2 pages)
HOWERTON, J.M. v. Margaret (2 pages)
HUDDLESTON, Sallie v. Walter (1 page)
JACKSON, M.F. v. G.H. (2 pages)
JACOBS, Lawrence, Mrs. v. C.M. (2 pages)
JOHNSON, G.B. v. Sula (2 pages)
JOHNSON, Warren v. Emma (2 pages)
JONES, Dora v. Jesse (1 page)
JURNEY, J.P. v. Jane (1 page)
KELLUM, R.E. v. Edna B. (1 page)
KING, M.M. v. Willie (2 pages)
LAGOW, W.T. v. Mary (2 pages)
LANGLEY, Ben v. Ramey (2 pages)
LEWIS, Bathus A. v. A.W. (2 pages)
LEWIS, Harve v. Jettie (1 page)
LINDSEY, Effie v. John (3 pages)
LINDSEY, Ottie v. Clyde (3 pages)
LOOPER, S.S. v. Joe (2 pages)
LOVETT, A.L. v. Mary L. (1 page)
LYNN, Lillie v. Charles B. (2 pages)
MARSHALL, Gertrude v. Benjamin (1 page)
MASON, C.R. v. Mollie (2 pages)
MATHIS, Emma v. Chase (2 pages)
MAXWELL, Ione v. R.L. (2 pages)
McCORMACK, William v. Jocia (3 pages)
McCOY, Margarette A. v. Clinton W. (1 page)
McINTURF, Manerva v. Thos. (3 pages)
MESECHER, S.G. v. Mary Ann (2 pages)
MILLER, Emilie v. M.C. (2 pages)
MILLER, Lidmila v. Frank (2 pages)
MOORE, Bob v. Adier (1 page)
MORGAN, Sarah Lemora v. James H. (1 page)
MORRIS, Zonie v. Albert/Elbert (1 page)
NEFF, D.E. v. C.W. (1 page)
NEWTON, Mary v. Joseph R. (3 pages)
O’NEAL, Irene v. Lee W. (2 pages)
PENNINGTON, Julia K. v. William (3 pages)
PIERCE, Maud v. Newt (1 page)
PRATHER, Janey v. W.O. (1 page)
PURSELL, Bessie v. Bruce (2 pages)
PURSINGER, Gracie C. v. Samuel R. (1 page)
RAMLOW, C.H. v. S.E. (2 pages)
RILEY, Ellen v. John (2 pages)
ROACH, Gertrude v. Pat (1 page)
ROBISON, Ollie v. C.C. (3 page)
ROPER, Susie v. Emery (2 pages)
ROSE, D.E. v. Lavona (2 pages)
SANDERS, Ardena v. A.D. (2 pages)
SANDERS, W.U. v. Lillie (3 pages)
SHIEL, Arizona v. Rudolph (2 pages)
SHIEL, Rudolph v. Arazona (1 page)
SHORES, Margaret v. Albert (3 pages)
SISK, W.H. v. Amanda (1 page)
SLONE, A. v. Julia Pearl (2 pages)
SMITH, Bessie v. John (1 page)
STEWART, J.A. v. Annie (2 pages)
STOKES, F.M. v. Delia (2 pages)
SUDDUTH, M.S. v. Sallie (1 page)
SWAIN, Rhoda C. v. Geo. W. (1 page)
TAFF, Nettie v. Newton (2 pages)
TALMAN, Edna v. Charles M. (2 pages)
TERRY, Noba v. John (2 pages)
THOMPSON, Carrie v. Chas. H. (2 pages)
TRICKETT, Allice v. Emery (1 page)
VANCE, W.H. v. Katie (3 pages)
WALTRIP, Bertie v. Lonnie (2 pages)
WHITE, James L. v. Polly (1 page)
WHITLEDGE, John v. Ellen (2 pages)
WILLIAMS, J.G. v. Jane (2 pages)
WILLIAMS, Laura v. Thomas (1 page)
WILLIAMS, Marjorie v. Birt T. (3 pages)
WILLIAMS, Maxie v. J.N. (1 page)
WILLIAMS, Maxie v. J.N. (13 pages)
WOOD, Emaline v. John T. (7 pages)
WYCKOFF, Sarah J. v. K.E. (2 pages)
YOUNG, Nettie v. William (2 pages)
ZACHARY, Ona v. Albert (1 page)

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