Davenport Family, January 1913, Robert Stephen Davenport's Home

Please contact Faith Taylor for further information about this picture or family. Additional identification has been added by Glenda Brothers.

1. Nellie Davenport Brothers

2. Jimmie Davenport

3. Jim Brothers

4. Ervie Brothers

5. Malissa Buckner Davenport

6. Ouida Davenport Prince

To the Right of #6 is Steven Everett Fuller

Next is Sylvester Fuller

7. William Jackson Davenport

8. DeVida Davenport

9. Ellie Harrison Davenport

10. Robert Davenport

11. Tom Davenport

12. Monroe Stewart

13. Grandma Russ/Rust (Mary Ann's mother)

14. Martha Jane Davenport

15. Mary Ann Davenport

16. Robert Stephen Davenport

17. John Davenport

18. Ada Brothers Davenport

19. Jake Meeks

20. Laura Meeks

21. Amos Meeks

22. Ovie Meeks

23. Molly Davenport

24. Earl Davenport

25. Joe Terry

26. Dollie Davenport Terry

27. Alfred Terry

28. Jim Cox

29. Sissy Davenport Cox

30. Tinnie Davenport Fuller

On #30's lap is Ambrose Eli Fuller

31. Argus Davenport (Tom's son)

Next to #31 is Jessimar Fuller

Sitting below Jessimar is Delphia Fuller

Next to Delphia is Marie Fuller

32. Beulah Terry

33. Mettie Terry


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