Scott County Arkansas
Civil War Pension Application
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Scott County
Widow's Application For Pension
Jane M. Earp, Crow, Ark.
Widow of Gray Earp
Co. O, 3rd Ga. Lg'n.
25.00 allowed
Aug. 5 1893


To the Honorable County Court of Scott County,
Sitting as a Pension Board:
The undersigned, as the widow of an ex-Confederate soldier, hereby applies for a pension under the provisions of an act of the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas, entitled "An Act for the Relief of Certain Soldiers of the late War between the States," approved April 1, 1891, upon the following grounds:
That she is a bona fide resident of the State of Arkansas, and has been for more than twelve months next before the filing of this application;
That she is the widow of Gray Earp who enlisted as a soldier in the State of Georgia during the war between the States in Company O of the 3 Georgia Legion and continued in the service of the State of Georgia or the Confederate States of America until his death which occurred at Richmond, Va. about May 1864, just after the Wilderness fight, at Camp Winder Hospital.
That she has remained a widow since the death of her said husband, is now indigent and incapacitated for manual labor by reason of old age and feeble health.
That she is not receiving any aid from this State or from the United States on said account, under any other staute, and therefore makes application for relief under the act aforesaid.
[Signed] Jane M. Earp
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 6 day of March 1893
[Signed] J.F. Wade, J.P.

County of Scott}
Personally came before me W.M. Pendergraft and J.A. Wade, two credible witnesses who make oath and say that they verily believe the applicant to be the identical person named in the application, and that the facts stated in the application are true.
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 6 day of March 1893
[Signed] J.F. Wade, J.P.
[Signed] W.M. Pendergraft
[Signed] J.A. Wade

[Handwritten document]
The State of Texas}
County of Montague}
Before me the undersigned authority on this day personally appeared H.J. Randall aged 60 years well known to me to be a credible person being duly sworn, deposes and says, That he was well acquainted with Gray Earp while he lived in Cass County Georgia, that said Gray Earp enlisted in Philips Georgia Legion (about Decr. 1st 1862) Company O, Captain T.K. Sprowle and that said Gray Earp died at Camp Winder Hospital at Richmond, Va. about May 1864 just after the Wilderness fight and that he served with said Earp during the time he was in the service.
[Signed] H.J. Randall
Sworn and subscribed to before me this 22nd day of April A.D. 1893
[Signed] W.H. Wilson
Notary Public
Montague County Texas


County of Scott} ss.
I, A.C. James, a duly registered and practicing Physician in Scott County, Arkansas, do certify that I am personally acquainted with Jane M. Earp, widow of Gray Earp, an applicant for pension under the Statutes of Arkansas, and that she is incapacitated for manual labor and that she is in indigent circumstances.
[Signed] A.C. James, M.D.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 6th day of June 1893.
Signed J.F. Wade, J.P.

State of Arkansas}
County of Scott}
We, E.D. Yandell, Judge of the County Court of Scott County, L.P. Fuller, Sheriff and T.M. Duncan, Clerk, sitting as a Pension Board for Scott County, do certify that we have examined the application of the within named Jane M. Earp widow of Gray Earp, deceased, for pension, under act of the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas, as approved April 1, 1891, and the proof in support of same and find that said applicant is the widow of a wounded Confederate soldier and who died in the service, is in indigent circumstances and partially and almost wholly incapacitated for manual labor, and that her claim is just and that she should be allowed a pension. We further certify that said widow of said soldier we believe is entitled to the sum of Twenty five Dollars per annum and said amount is hereby allowed her. This July 18, 1893.
[Signed] E.D. Yandell, County Judge
[Signed] L.P. Fuller, Sheriff
[Signed] Thomas M. Duncan, Clerk

[Handwritten document]:
Mt. Ida, Montgomery
Co., Ark., March 24th 1895}
To all whom it may concern
This is to certify that I was present and saw Grey Earp married to Miss Jane Wilson. She is his widow and is about Sixty years old.
[Signed] J.J. Holland
Subscribed and sworn to before me this March the 25, 1893
[Signed] L.M. Henderson, J.P.

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