L to R Top Row: Amris Taff, Luther Taff, Pearl Harrison, Jim King, Cora Harrison (King), Omer Journey, Maud Harrison (Taff), Ale Smith, Cora Cross (Cash), Albert Taff, Mortie Harrison, Walter Smith.

Second Row:Teacher Preston Gray, Marshall Hullender, Bill Smith, Delmer Taff, Hilward Harrison, Ed Newman, Guy Cross, Jenny Taff, Martha Hughes, John Hughes, Willa Watson, Iva Satterfield, Sam Poe, Dewey Harrison.

Third Row: Frank Jones, Roy Weynegar, Zella Faff (Stone), Med Cross (Brashier), Verter Taff, Lora Watson, Kate Smith, George Weynegar, Daisy Poe (Hamilton), Ruth Chambers (Davis), Rector Piles.

Fourth Row: Lester Harrison, Joe Watson, Hayden Newman, Maude Harrison (Windham), Julia Browning (Syler), Vander Hughes, Laura Harrison (Taff), Ethel Newman, Hugh Beam, Floyd (name not known), Stella Satterfield (Strickland), Jack Piles, Floyd Weynegar, Donald Poe, Clyde Chambers.

This photo was submitted by Bill Hullender whose father Marshall Hullender, age 6, is pictured in the second row sitting next to the teacher. Marshall died in 1987.

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