I believe this tintype picture was taken in the 1880s; maybe as early as 1882. If I am correct about the people it was probably taken around Mansfield, Arkansas.

This is who I think is in the picture:

I think the man squatting in the center front is Moses Cooper "Coop" Frizzell and that the others are his kin folk.

I believe the woman on the far right is his wife, Parthena Susan Etta Riffe Frizzell.

I believe that the older woman in the center of the picture (dark dress) looking to her left (our right) is Coop Frizzell's mother, Christiana Hayes Frizzell "Ann" Nelson and that the older man standing behind her on her right is her husband, Martin Nelson.

I believe that the woman standing to "Ann" Nelson's left is Nancy Abigail Nelson Frizzell Blackwell Swepston. Nancy is the sister of Martin Nelson, and was married to Christiana's son Jacob.

I believe that the girl 5th from the left is Mary Ann "Molly" Frizzell, the daughter of Coop and Parthena Frizzell, and standing behind her is her future husband, James Martin "Mart" Blackwell, the nephew of Martin Nelson and Nancy Nelson and the foster son of Ann and Martin Nelson.

Other possiblities are Nancy's daughter Mary Elizabeth Blackwell (but probably unlikely as she married in about 1880 and lived in Crawford County with husband Sylvester Newton McCaslin), the man behind Nancy may be her husband, Samuel Swepston. Other possiblities are other Nelson sisters such as Talitha Johnson; other children of Cooper Frizzell, other children of Martin or Ann Nelson (Matthew, Malissa, or James M. Nelson or Archibald Frizzell or Mary Frizzell) or a sister of Ann Nelson's, Mary "Polly" Ward and her son Issac who married Elizabeth Frizzell the oldest daughter of Coop and Parthena Frizzell.

Contributed by Elaine Blackwell Thomasson

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