Pictured above is the S.C. Herrin Store at Gravelly, just a ways over the Yell/Scott County line. This picture was taken in 1930-1931. Thula and Vess Herrin built their home in Gravelly in 1932. Vess and Thula had moved to Gravelly in 1926 and bought half interest of the above store, which was then owned by Victor and Frankie Williams. Frankie Williams was the youngest sister of Thula Harris. A year later Vess Herrin bought Victor's half of the store. In 1938 or 1939 Vess built a new store and in 1940 tore down the old store above. In 1952 Oneida and Raymond Neighbors bought the Gravelly Store from Vess and Thula Herrin, and ran it until they moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1955.

Between 1927 to 1933-34 my grandparents, Ben and Ollie (Harris) Morrow owned a small store a half mile west of the one pictured above. My dad Charlie Morrow, at the age of seventeen, and his mom ran the store and Grandpa Ben Morrow ran a feed mill and blacksmith shop.

Some of the people in the picture are:
Vess (S.C.) Herrin and Thula (Harris) Herrin are the man and woman standing under the sign on the porch.

The woman standing in front of the porch is a Myrtle Jones and the man with his arms crossed is an Opal Hunnicutt. I do not know anything about these two people. My cousin, B.K. (Brehman Kermit) Herrin, son of Thula and Vess, is the boy with the bandage on his right arm.

Vess Herrin was Sylvester Curtis Herrin who was born 19 June 1892 and died 4 April 1968, a son of J.C. Herrin and Cornelia Savannah McClain. Thula T. Harris Herrin was the daughter of Robert M. Harris and Laura Bell Journey. She was born 1 July 1902 in Scott County, Arkansas and died 18 June 1999 in Danville, Arkansas.

The others are unknown. Thanks to B.K. and Marie Herrin for clearing up information about this picture.

Picture and information contributed by Charlene Holland.
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