Top Row: Anita Graham, Johnie Webb, Jackie Lou Cartwright, Marchita Graham, Jewel Hazel Trotter, Frances Smith, Boneta Trotter.

Middle Row: UNIDENTIFIED, Betty Jo DeHart, Janet Cartwright, Dorothy Powers, Bernadine Mitchell, Billy Claud Glass.

Bottom Row: S. J. Sorrels, Fannie Ruth DeHart, Bobby Lois Glass, Jessie Lee Powers, Dortha Marie DeHart.

This photo was found in the barn of “Veranda Heights”. “Veranda Heights”was the home of Frances (Miller) and Johnie Hanes. This photo is included in the book written by Frances (Miller) Hanes titled “Veranda Heights” that is available for purchase at the Scott County Historical Society. Frances (Miller) Hanes was a member of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union and had wonderful results with the Loyal Temperance Legion at Boothe.

Loyal Temperance Legion
That I May Give My Best Service to Home and Country,
I promise, God helping me,
Not to buy, drink, sell, or give
Alcoholic liquors while I live;
From all tobacco I’ll abstain,
And never take God’s name in vain.

Contributed by Stephanie Green

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