Standing in the back, left to right:
Lula Belle "Lou" Harrison, 5 Oct 1881 - 4 Dec 1948, married Nevada Rape
William Aldron "Will" Harrison, 18 Feb 1878 - 18 Jan 1903, married Nora Rupe
Flora Eliza Harrison, 17 Dec 1876 - Dec 1973, married Felix Branch Belote
John Cage Harrison, 29 Dec 1874 - 14 Feb 1961, married Minnieola Hartsell
Effie Laura Harrison, 26 Dec 1883 - 15 Nov 1972, married Herny Brown

Standing on either side:
(Left) Virginia Addlin "Jenny" Harrison, 26 Jun 1889 - May 1982, married William Goble
(Right) Clorie Ada Harrison, 1887 - 24 Sep 1965, married Nathan Leroy Thomas

William Byron Harrison, 27 Aug 1848 - 26 Feb 1917, son of Jacob Harrison & Cornelia Sevier of McLennan Co., TX
Sally Tennessee Blakemore Harrison, daughter of Jessie Lee Blakemore & Eliza Jane Wheeler of Cane Hill, AR
Jessie Lee Harrison, 1872 - 22 Mar 1905, married Sid ?

Sitting on her Father's lap:
Margaret Cornelia, 10 Oct 1893 - 3 Aug 1991, never married

Standing in front of her Mother:
Maude Mae Harrison, 1892 - 30 Nov 1970, married Polk Cleveland Babb

The original photo was postcard sized and very faded. It was taken about 1895. Ada, the daughter of W.B. Harrison & Sally Tennessee Blakemore Harrison, is my grandmother. W.B. Harrison was the grandson of Jonas Harrison for whom Harrison Co., TX is named. He is also thought to be the gg grandson of John Sevier, the first Tennessee governor. This connection is through a probably illegitimate son of John Sevier, Jr.

Sally Tennessee Blakemore is the granddaughter of Lee Cage Blakemore, an early settler of Washington Co., AR. Lee's grandfather was Capt. John Blakemore of Fort Blakemore on the Clinch River in VA. John Blakemore was a member of the Donelson Party that reached the site of Fort Nashborough, TN in 1780 and was one of the original settlers of the Cumberland district. He is a signer of the Cumberland Compact.

This photo belongs to a descendant, Tom Mullis

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