The sign appears to read:
Haw Creek School
District 52
August 15, 1907
Jno. Black, Teacher

I received this from Maggie Miller Gober who now lives in Odessa, TX. She was born at Haw Creek and is a grandaughter of Reverend Charley Hill and Julia Odom Hill. The only two we can positively identify are: We believe the older lady sitting down in the 3rd row, person #2 could be Sarah Francis Wiles Huckaby. She and her husband David Warren Huckaby, deeded the two acres to be used for the Haw Creek school/church/cemetery.

More children were identified by Sadie Hairrell Gregory, daughter of Emil Hairrell and Prudie Janway. All the identified people are marked in the photo above.

If there is anyone out there who can identify any of the other children in this old photo, or if you have information about this, or the history of Haw Creek, please contact:

Submitted by Pat Hill Powell

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