Contributed by B.O. Roop

Located across the road from the Haw Creek Cemetery. Ouida Fair was Dr. Fair's daughter and married Hermon Sharpe and they lived next to my Mother and Dad. I asked her years ago to help me with information about Haw Creek School. She used to be a substitute teacher and copy of her letter is below:

Hicks School was changed to Haw Creek. When Irene Bateman started to school the school house was called Hicks. All her family went to school at Hicks.

1942 - 1946 Haw Creek school had John Bateman, Neva Dozier and Catherine Stuart.

Big Creek school had Esta Lee Decker for a few years.

Back in the woods was a little school house that was called Bug Schuffle. It was almost to Black Fork, Arkansas. It was a very small building. I can't find who taught there. Some think the teacher was from Waldron, Arkansas. It was in 1941 all those schools were brought together at Big Creek school. It now has rock work all around it. They tore the other schools down. Now when they were built I can't find out. (Signed) Ouida.

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