and her daughter

The mother of Nancy Paralee McClain could be Anna McClain. We don’t know for sure the first names of her parents. They had several children. Details of this family are in the 1900 Cedar Township book, pages 156 through 159.

James P. Blansett married Nancy Paralee McClain. James Preston “Pres” Blansett, son of William and Elizabeth (Hamman) Blansett was born November 2, 1825 (year on tombstone) in Alabama. His father William was born February 11, 1793 in VA and his mother Elizabeth was born September 11, 1797.

He was boarding with the Anna McClain family according to the 1850 census. He married Nancy Paralee McClain, born June 28, 1832. In the 1860 census he and Nancy were married and living next door to Anna McClain. James P. ran the post office and the town Blansett was named after him. She and James had two girls.

  1. Nancy Union Preston Blansett born November 7, 1853, married to Alfred Iverson Whisenhunt, and died on February 28, 1918 at age 63. Nancy Union had an only son, James “Press” Whisenhunt who married Miss Mattie Angel on June 13, 1894.
  2. Mary Missanni “Missie” Blansett, my dad’s grandmother born December 19, 1854. James and Nancy named Missie after James’ sister, Mary Missanni “Mary Ann” (Blansett) Hawkins.
During the civil war on August 24, 1864, bushwhackers (robbers) killed James P. Blansett.

Nancy married again on July 17, 1866 to a man named William Jennings Hinton, born October 4, 1830, and moved to Blansett Township. He was the son of Lovett and Catharine Hinton (names on tombstone). Nancy and William Hinton had 2 daughters.

  1. John Savannah Lee Hinton (female) born March 28, 1869; married to Jesse Bly Brown; and died November 21 1936 at age 67.
  2. Willa Herm “Hummie” Hinton born July 23, 1875; married Schuyler Ray; and died December 9, 1938 at age 63.
Nancy’s second husband, William Jenning Hinton had the gravestone made for her first husband, James P. Blansett (I have a copy of the receipt for the order), ordered February 19, 1879. Wasn’t that nice!

Mary Missanni “Missie” was the mother of my Grandpa Miles. She married Alfred Oscar “Bud” Lovett in 1871 at age 17. Missie was born December 19, 1854.

Missie died on March 14, 1914 at age 60 in Boles, Scot County. She was buried in Blansett in the Whisenhunt Cemetery.

Bud Lovett was the father of my Grandpa Miles. He was born on November 22, 1850 in Mountain Township, Scott County Arkansas. He was married to Mary Missanni “Missie” Blansett.

They had 6 children that I could find out about. One son, James Rueben, died. Bud and Missie took in Henry, Bud’s half brother who was just a little older than their son that died, when James Henry was still a young boy and at about the same time their own son died after James Henry’s family died. Bud raised Henry as his own son. They had the same father.

Bud and Missie’s children, all born in Boles, are: James Rueben (died young), Eller, Bill, John, Maybell (died at age 5), and Miles (my grandpa). Bud died January 12, 1922 in Sasakwa, Seminole County, Oklahoma.

I was thrilled when my cousin Patsy sent me this picture. Please mention “Lovett Ancestors” as the subject in emails to me.

Linda (Lovett) Scheiner

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