This photo was taken on Christmas Day 1910 near Waldron. The families of Francis "Frank" Hallie Holland and his wife Frances Chiles Holland are pictured. Identified are:
1. Frank Holland
2. Frances Chiles Holland (Frank's wife)
3. Ernest Holland (Frank's son)
4. May Croy Holland (Ernest's wife)
5. Clarence Holland (Ernest's son)
6. Dexter Holland (Ernest's son)
7. Lora Holland (Ernest's daughter)
8. George Ollie Holland (Frank's son)
9. Nora Holland (Frank's daughter)
10. Ada Holland Walker (Frank's daughter)
11. George Gaden Holland (Frank's brother)
12. Maudella Chiles Duncan (Frances' sister)
13. James Chiles (Frances' brother)
14. John Chiles (Frances' brother)
15. Haywood Chiles (Frances' brother)

This photograph belongs to Terri Jordan.

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