Ione Singing School

George W. Wiley was a farmer and also taught singing school. The Hartford Music Company at Hartford, Arkansas published a new gospel song book each year. George taught these new songs and how to read shaped notes. Those attending paid $1.00 each. These songs were rarely sung at church; they were performed at special singings on Sunday afternoon.

Some of the people pictured above were: George W. Wiley (holding baton), John Wiley, Edgar A. Wiley, Herbert Slaughter, Frank Slaughter, Rufus Slaughter, (sons of William L. and Dora (Walker) Slaughter), Dolly R. Slaughter, William Slaughter and Rose Wiley.

This picture belongs to Shirley Denney. If you can identify others in this picture or would like to discuss this very special family picture, please contact her.

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