Johnsons & Hales c1893

My cousin Carolyn sent me this photo. She wasn't positive of the identities except for Thomas Johnson and his daughter Mollie, but I think perhaps I've figured them out. I would welcome any corrections to my suppositions.

On the left side of the photo I believe is the family of John and Mary Hale and their children:
JETHRO MADISON HALE, b. July 26, 1875, Scott County, AR; d. December 24, 1953, Scott County, AR.
LUCY MARY HALE, b. December 28, 1878, Scott County, AR; d. September 10, 1958, Ft. Smith, AR.
JOHNNY PRESTON HALE, b. February 22, 1880, Scott County, AR; d. January 19, 1946, Scott County, AR.
JACOB PETER HALE, b. January 1882, Scott County, AR; d. May 09, 1966, Scott County, AR.
LEVI CLEVELAND HALE, b. December 27, 1885, Scott County, AR; d. 1949, Scott County, AR.
THOMAS MARION HALE, b. January 20, 1888, Scott County, AR; d. January 16, 1958, Vernon, Texas.
JESSE CARL HALE, b. June 11, 1890, Scott County, AR; d. September 30, 1941, Scott County, AR.
EDGAR THEODORE HALE, b. June 08, 1892, Scott County, AR; d. August 02, 1955, Scott County, AR.

I believe Jethro and Lucy Mary are standing behind their parents John and Mary and most likely the young boy holding his coat on the far left is Johnny Preston. That probably means Jacob is on the right next to the post; Levi Cleveland is likely sitting on the porch; then in Mary's lap is Edgar; with Thomas "Fred" and Jesse Carl next. John and Mary had four other children - two sons who died young and a daughter and son who weren't born when this photo was made for a total of 12 children.

The family on the far left is Thomas H. Johnson and Priscilla Emmarine Hutcheson. Their daughter Mary Catherine Armilda "Mollie" Johnson is standing out in the yard. Her brothers Isaac and Bud are standing in the back of the porch. I do not know who the baby is because I estimate this photo to have been taken about 1893. I know two little girls of Grandpa and Grandma Johnson died before 1885. They undoubtedly had one more child that there is no record of.

The Johnson's and Hale's are my 2nd great grandparents. Mollie Johnson and Jethro Hale were my great grandparents. I would really love to hear from anyone who has any further information.

Submitted by Barbara Hale Reynolds

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