Pictured above is the tombstone of J.W. and Laura McCormack at Monroe Cemetery near Harvey, Arkansas. Their oldest daughter, Adeline, and her husband Edward Elrod are also buried there. The photo below is of their double tombstone. Adeline was 15 years old and her sister Ila was 10 when both parents died in 1916. Please note that Adeline's tombstone has the same inscription: "She was the sunshine of our home" as was inscribed so many years earlier on her mother's stone. On Adeline's husband's stone is the same inscription as was placed on her father's: "He is not dead but sleepeth." These photos belong to Billie Cencarik (No email address available) who is a descendant and researcher of these families.

Pictured above is the tombstone of the youngest son of Adeline McCormack and Edward Elrod. The black shadows on the two pictures above are unknown to me. When I took these pictures there was nobody around and my shadow was not on the stones. Stranger than Fiction, but TRUE. Note the picture of the lizard below, which was taken on the same day, same roll of film. The lizard was near the Elrod stones and there is no shadow on that picture.

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