This photo is copied from an undated newspaper clipping and the students were identified as:

First Row: Oscar Ward, Winnia Brewer, Lonie Bowden, Joy McLane, George Scott, Eric Miller, Henry Lee, Donnie Goolsby, Albert Martin, Charley Martin, Mandy Hawkins, Dona Atchley, Georgia Goolsby, Vicy Epperson, Okie Crump.

Second Row: Melvin Carter, Charley Hawkins, Fate Hawkins, Pery Williams, Cudge Lovet, next is unknown, August Carter, Edgar Hawkins, John Scott, Fanny Jameson, Susa Bowden, Mattie Hawkins, Blanche Martin, Wanda Miller, Lonnie Atchley, Fred Miller, Etta Goolsby, Pearl Roseberry, Fanny Crump.

Third Row: Bertha Atchley, Knox Goolsby, Ben Scott, Bee Hawkins, Cliff Scott, Granville Copland, Marion Blackwell, Will Lovet, Amon Hawkins, Burley Miller, Mattie Scott, Effie Hawkins, Oda Hawkins, Lilly Atchley, Addie Taylor, Bertha Hawkins, Clara Lovet and Onita Hawkins.

Fourth Row: Andrew Blackwell, Anderson Blackwell, Joe McLane, Ernest Carter, L.C. Hawkins, Birdie Ward, Herbert Ward, Mona Goolsby, Ongie Atchley, Bertha Bockman, Ludie Hawkins, Bertha Roseberry, Dovie Hawkins and teacher, Miss Vick Lambert.

Contributed by Reda Bailey Carter

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