David W. Beatty and wife Elizabeth Ross Beaty were my great-great-great grandparents. No date on document found.

No date affixed to said document likely between 1872-75.

State of Arkansas
County of Scott
Know all men by these presents that I David W. Beaty and Elizabeth Beaty, wife of the said David W. Beaty of the County and the State above, petition for and in consideratio of the sum of one thousand dollars to us in have paid by James [M or W]osley of Ranes County State of Texas and the [illegible] whereof is herby acknowledge have this day barganed, sold and [illegible], said by these present grant bargan release and convey unto him, the said James (either Mosely or Wosley), his being assign and assessing from all rights title, claim, interest, and abmand, which we have held in and to a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being situated in the county of Washington, State of Arkansas continuing [illegible] herein and turning acres of said to wit "The E [illegible] S. E. 1/4 section and 8 S. E. 1/4 section [illegible], all in Township 12 Range 33 N " to have and to hold the foregoing Lots of parcels. Togather with all and s[illegible] the rights, privileges, and imp_____nty to the sum believing on appestain__g the sale use and benefit of him the said James [Wosley or Mosley] his heirs and assesing forever to said tracts of Land. [Illegible] and receiving deferd to him the said ofering [illegible] his heirs forever against the claims of all persons Whomsoever claiming by or through us.
In testimony wherof , we have signed over [illegible]
David Beaty
Elizabeth Beaty

James (Wosley or Mosely)

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