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On 6 January 1908, R. (Reubin) Holley transferred from School District #2 - Nola to School District #1 - Harvey.
Compiler's note: School District #2 was called Nola starting in 1906 when a Post Office (Nola) was established at that site. The teacher at that time was Viola Yandell.

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Section 2, School District Names
School Districe #2 - Little Star: This was a school as early as 1871. It was located in SW SW Section 26 Township 3 North, Range 26 West. It is south of Highway 28 in front of Cecil Kilburn's home. The old hand dug well with concrete curbing can be seen at this site. It was also called "Lone Star."

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...Three generations of the compilers maternal family attended Little Star (AKA Lone Star - Nola) School. The first, great aunt Sara Lantha Hall - in 1871... ...My mother Inah Hall attended this school during the period 1894 -1903. My brothers, Harry and Harold O'Nale attended this school during the period 1917-1920. My sister, Louise O'Nale taught school here during the school year 1941-1942. [End]

My note Barbara Hale Reynolds: Teacher Viola Yandell (June 1877 - March 1928) was the daughter of Mary Elizabeth Griffith and Levi Benton Jones. She married Andrew Jackson Yandell, and they were the parents of at least three children: Fleetwood, Cleo and Jones Yandell. Viola was my great grandaunt and sister to my grandmother's father Edgar Royal Jones. My grandmother was Dollie Jones Hale. Aunt Viola and Uncle Jack are buried at Howe Cemetery in LeFlore County, Okahoma. Viola is located in the center of the above photo.

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