Henry "Hence" Looper

Mary Ann Frizzell

These are photos of my husbands Great-Grandparents. This family moved to Scott County Arkansas before 1858. Henry "HENCE" Looper, s/o Samuel & Mary "Polly" (Jones) Looper, was born 7 May 1817 in Pickens Co., SC and died 18 May 1891 at Abbott, Scott Co., AR, buried Looper Cemetery at Abbott.

Mary Ann "Mollie" Frizzell, d/o William Lloyd & Christina "Anna" (Hayes) Frizzell, was born 1844 in TN, died 1919 at Abbott, Scott Co., AR, buried Looper Cemetery at Abbott.

Henry Looper was married twice: 1st to Mary Freeman, born abt. 1822, and 2nd to Mary Ann Frizzell, pictured above. He had the following children that we know of, but have heard family stories that there were 26 or 27 all together. (In the 1910 census, Mary Ann IS listed as the mother of 14 children, only 7 living.)
1. Martha Looper, born abt. 1840 in AL.
2. Mary Looper, born abt 1842 in AL.
3. Elizabeth Looper, born abt. 1847 in AL.
4. Francis Looper, born abt. 1845-49 in AL. Married Joseph R. Looper, born 1845 in SC (Her cousin)
5. Darcus/Parkus/Parkey Looper, born abt. 1850 in AL.
6. Henry Looper, born abt. 1852 in AL.
7. Laura/Puss Looper, born abt. 1854 in AL.
8. Thomas Looper, born abt. 1856 in AL. Married Sarah M. Taylor.
9. James Looper, born abt. 1858 in AR.
10. ? William Looper, born abt. 1859 in AR (Possibly William and James are same?)
11. Rosa Looper, born abt. 1862 in AR.
12. Victory Looper, born abt. 1863 in AR.
13. Fanny Looper, born abt. 1868 in AR.
14. Samuel Looper, born abt 1869 in AR. Married Katie K. Unknown
15. Fuller Looper, born abt 1872 in AR.
16. Nellie Looper, born abt. 1874 in AR. Married William Franklin Peek.
17. Maggie Looper, born abt. 1876 in AR. Married G. W. Sorrells.
18. Buddie Looper, born abt. 1878 in AR.
19. Nannie Looper, born abt. 1879 in AR. Married William Homer Kimes.
20. Donie/Dona Looper, born abt. 1882 in AR. Married W. Lon Graves.
21. Garvin Looper, born abt. 1883 in AR. Married Johnanna Vaught.

Please contact DeeDee Shackelford for further information about this family.

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