Left side of picture, standing are two girls in dark clothing: The blonde is Ila McCormack and the dark headed one is her sister Adeline McCormack.
Row 1. All boys seated on the ground are unknown.
Row 2. First girl seated on the left is unknown, next, Roy Opal McIntyre, Mary Ray, Ethel Hunt, next two are unknown, Tola Ray, Lillie McCormack, unknown girl.
Row 3. Third girl from right side of picture is Charity Ray, Teacher and others in row 3 are unknown.
Row 4. From the right side, woman behind Teacher is Emma Ray holding baby, Dan Ray. To the left is Walter McIntyre, behind him is William McCormack.
Back Row. Three tall men left to right are Louis Jacob Ray (husband of Emma), in front of him is Charlie Hunt on left and Austin Hunt. 2nd man is unknown. 3rd man is George McIntyre.

Contributed by the late Billie Cencarik

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