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Homestead Application No 19156
Final Certificate No. 6251

Receiver’s Duplicate Receipt No. 19156__
Application No. 19156__


Receiver’s Office, Dardanelle Ark
Aug. 20th 1889

RECEIVED of William P. Morrow the sum of Six dollars and _________ cents, being the amount of fee and compensation of Register and Receiver for the entry the NW ¼ of SW ¼ of Section 15, Township 3 N of Range 27 W__, under Section 2290, Revised Statutes of the United States.

H.M. Jacoway


Note: It is required of the homestead settler that he shall reside upon and cultivate the land embraced in his homestead entry for a period of five years from the time of filing the affidavit, being also the date of entry. An abandonment of the land for more than six months works a forfeiture of the claim. Further, within two years from the expiration of the said five years he must file proof of his actual settlement and cultivation, failing to do which, his entry will be canceled. If the settler does not wish to remain five years on his tract, he can, at any time, after six months, pay for it with cash or land warrants, upon making proof of settlement and cultivation from date of filing affidavit to the time of payment.


Under Section 2294. Revised Statutes, for settlers who cannot appear at the District Land Office

Office of the Clerk of the Court

For _________Blank_________________________ County
Blank_______________________, 188 blank___

I, William P. Morrow, of Waldron Scott Co. Ark having filed my Homestead Application No. 19156, do solemnly swear that I am the head of a family and citizen of the United States. That said application No. 19156 is made for the purpose of actual settlement and cultivation; that said entry is made for my exclusive use and benefit, and not directly or indirectly for the use or benefit of any other person or persons whomsoever; that I and my family are now residing on the land. I desire to enter, and that I have made a bona fide improvement and settlement thereon; that said settlement was commenced January 18, 1888; that my improvements consist of one log house 14 x 16 ft, crib 10 x 12 ft., stable 10x12 ft, 5 acres cleared and under fence, and that the value of the same is $100; that owing to The Great Distance I am unable to appear at the District Land office to make this affidavit, and that I have never before made a homestead entry.

J.D. Burn

William P. Morrow (his X mark)

Sworn to a subscribed before this 30th day of July, 1889 and that I am personally acquainted with the said William P. Morrow.

Thomas M. Duncan
Clerk of the Court for Scott County, Arkansas


Frank Terry [his mark] witnessed by Daniel Hon, December 2, 1893

Israel Brothers [his own signature]
December 2, 1893

[Note: Israel Brothers was Israel Roland Brothers, son of William Roland Brothers and Mary Jane "Mollie" Hunt. He had three wives, Malissa and Malvina James were the first two. They were both daughters of Jesse Jefferson James and Anne Cordelia Terry, (the brother of LuVicy James Jones Vaughn). His third wife was Harriet Frances Hutchinson Wilson Brothers, daughter of Isaac C. and A.J. Hutchinson [this surname has been spelled various ways.]


William P. Morrow, being called as a witness in his own behalf in support of homestead entry, No. 19156, for NW ¼ of SW ¼ of Section 15, Twp 3 N of Range 27 W__ testifies as follows:

Question 1. What is your name, age and post-office address?

Answer. William P. Morrow, my age is 36 years, my P.O. address is Olio, Scott County, Arkansas

Question 2. Are you a native born citizen of the United States, and if so, in what State or Territory were you born?

Answer. Yes, I was born in the State of Indiana.

Question 3. Are you the identical person who made homestead entry No. 19156, at the Dardeanelle U.S. land office on the 20th day of August 1889, and what is the true description the land now claimed by you?

Answer. Yes, and a true description of the land is NW ¼ of SW ¼ of Sec. 15, Twp 3 N of Range 27 West

Question 4. When was your house built on the land and when did you establish actual residence therein? (Describe said house and other improvements which you have placed on the land, giving total value thereof.)

Answer. One room of the house was on the land when I moved there in October 1888 at which time I established actual residence therein. My house is double house one log 11 x 16 feet, other plank 24 x 16 feet on each side, 2 stone chimneys, smoke house 8 x 12 feet made of logs, silo [?] 12 x 12 ft and stable 13 x 14 made of logs, both under same roof. Well 45 feet deep, orchard 14? acres, 13 acres cleared land with rail fence around it. All of the improvements are worth #300.

Question 5. Of whom does your family consist; and have you and your family resided continuously on the land since first establishing residence thereon? (If unmarried, state the fact.)

Answer. Myself, wife and five children. We have resided continuously on this land since first establishing residence thereon Oct. 1888.

Question 6. For what period or periods have been absent from the homestead since making settlement, and for what purpose; and if temporarily absent, did your family reside upon and cultivate the land during such absence?

Answer. I have never been absent from the land longer than one week at any one time since establishing residence thereon.

Question 7. How much of the land have you cultivated each season and for how many seasons have you raised crops thereon?

Answer. Thirteen acres, and have raised crops these full seasons

Question 8. Is your present claim within the limits of an incorporated town or selected site of city or town, or used in any way for trade and business?

Answer 9. No, nor used in no way for trade or business.

Question 9. What is the character of the land? Is it timber, mountainous, prairie, grazing, or ordinary agricultural?

Answer. It is timbered, partly mountainous and about 15 acres of it is ordinary farming land. It is most valuable for farming purpose

Question 10. Are there any indications of coal, salines, or minerals of any kind, on the land? (If so, describe what they are, and state whether the land is more valuable for agricultural than for mineral purposes.)

Answer. No, none that I know of.

Question 11. Have you ever made any other homestead entry? (If so, describe the same.)

Answer. No

Question 12. Have you sold, conveyed or mortgaged any portion of the land; and if so, to whom and for what purpose?

Answer. No

Question13. Have you any personal property of any kind elsewhere than on this claim? (If so, describe the same.)

Answer. No

Witness: Daniel Hon
William P. (X) Morrow

I HEREBY CERTIFY that the foregoing testimony was read to the claimant before being subscribed, and was sworn to before me this 2nd day of December 1893.

Thomas M. Duncan
County Clerk of Scott County


I, __William P. Morrow, having made a Homestead entry of the __NW ¼ of the SW ¼ Section No. 15 in Township No. 3 North of Range _No. 27 W, subject to entry at Dardanelle, U.S. Land Office under section No. 2289 of the Revised Statutes of the Untied States; and for that purpose do solemnly swear that I am a citizen of the United States; that I have made actual settlement upon and have cultivated and resided upon said land since the ________ day of October 1888 to the present time; that no part of said land has been alienated, escept as provided in section 2288 of the Revised statutes, but that I am the sole bona fide owner as an actual settler; that I will bear true allegiance to the Government of the United States; and further, that I have not heretofore perfected or abandoned an entry made under the homestead laws of the United States, except ___blank______________.

Witness: T.M Duncan
William P. (X) Morrow

I, Thomas M. Duncan, County Clerk of Scott Co., Ark do hereby certify that the above affidavit was subscribed and sworn to before me this 2 day of December 1893

Thomas M. Duncan
County Clerk of Scott County, Ark.

Final Receiver’s Receipt No. __6251
Application No. __19156


Receiver’s Office, ___Dardanelle, Ark___
______Dec 5 1893_________

Received of __William P. Morrow__ the sum of ___One___ dollars ________ cents, being the balance of payment required by law for the entry of the North West quarter of the South West quarter___ of Section _ 15_, Township __ 3 N__ of Range __ 27 W__ containing ___40 ___ acres, under Section 2291 of the Revised Statutes of the United States.

___T.D Bumgarner__


$1.00 _

Testimony fee received. Number of written words, ___1,000__. Rate per 100 words __15__ cents.

William P. Morrow sold land to George Terry on November 17, 1903. Those two deeds were filed July 23, 1917 at 2 PM.

The first transaction was the land described as: Part of the Southeast quarter of the Southeast quarter of Section 16, and east half of the Southwest quarter of the Southeast quarter E ½ SW ¼ of Section 16, and all that part portion of the Southeast of the Southeast - Southeast quarter lying on the north side of Dutch Creek, all in section 16, and the east half or part of the Northwest quarter of the Northeast quarter of Section 21 all in Township 3 N Range 27 West containing 62 acres more or less. (SE ¼ SE ¼ E½ SW ¼ of SE¼ E ½ SW ¼ E ½ N ¼ NE ¼ Sec 21)

The second transaction between William P. Morrow and George W. Terry was made on the same date and was described as: The northwest quarter of the southwest quarter of Section 15 in Township 3 North of Range 27 West of the 5th Principal Meridian containing 40 acres. (NW ¼ of SW ¼). This appears to me to be the same land as homesteaded by William P. Morrow in 1893.

William P. and Melvina Morrow are standing at the side of their home in Nola where they moved after selling the homesteaded land in James Township. The date of this picture is unknown. My grandparents Benjamin Allen and Ollie Clementine (Harris) inherited this house after W.P. Morrow's death. This is the home I remember as a child.

Tombstone of W.P. Morrow at Parks Cemetery near Nola

Tombstone of Melvina Morrow at Parks Cemetery near Nola

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