Mt. Moriah, Dutch Creek Valley, Scott County, Arkansas - Circa 1918

My cousin Ray Wilson (son of Hillary Lester and Viva Amy Wilson) found this old photo and sent it to me. He said he did not know anyone in the photo, but that on the back it says: "Teacher - Julian Hunnicut at Mt. Moriah School."

I recognize my grandfather Oscar Hale on the back row, far right side, white shirt and tie. To the left I suspect is Molly Brothers Johnson, and next to her it looks like Otis Johnson to me. I am guessing this was taken about 1918. I am also guessing the boy with dark hair standing in front of my grandpa is Uncle Audie Hale. I haven't figured out any of the rest of them.

Updated February 2011:

A copy of this photo was published in the 3 October 1968 issue of the Waldron News, stating it was taken in 1919 and identifying all the students:

"School days in 1919...Julian Hunnicutt, seated out front, taught this class at Mt. Moriah. Students in the back row are Ollie Vaughn, Willie Slater, Canie Taylor, Earl Brothers, Maudie Osborn, Otis Johnson, Mollie Brothers, Oscar Hale and Margerete Osborn.

In the second row are Violet Starr, Loyd Hale, Lois Johnson, Jimmie Jones, Luvenna Cox, Amos Cox, Eula Brothers, Audie Hale, Carmen Starr and Mary Dunn.

Pupils in the third row are Carmon Hale, Delilah James, Lena Vaughn, Sammie Wagner, Merl Cox, Leola Osborn, Otie Cox, Chester James, Joe Hunt, Symanthia Cox, Roy James, Tommie Cox, Alice Wagner, Nola Branson, Elsie Johnson and Vera Hale.

Some of those in the front row are Ila Hair, Clyde Hudson, Nople Butler, Julian Hunnicutt, Jake Vaughn, Orlin Cox, Jack Vaughn, Homer Hale and Viola "Trix" Branson. This picture was sent in by Ted Hair. Identification is by Loyd Hair."

Contributed by Barbara Hale Reynolds

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